The use of irony.
Isn't it ironic that a song entitle "Ironic" has nothing to do with irony.
by JR December 3, 2003
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a) Something that is contradictory.
b) Something that is complete and utter bullshit (but often accepted nonetheless.)
* see hipster

Anonymous twentysomething in Brooklyn: "I am NOT a hipster!"
by Captain American't July 11, 2011
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When a girl who has had sex has never had an orgasm, but a girl who has never had sex has had plenty.
Cake: I just had sex.
Bean: Did you orgasm?
Cake: NO.
Bean: That's ironic, because I've never even kissed a guy but I've had plenty of them.
by cakenbean March 9, 2009
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If something is ironic it's unexpected, often in an amusing way.
It's ironic that “Erratic conduct and behavior” are reasons @realDonaldTrump is revoking ex @CIA director @JohnBrennan’s security clearance. Adds Brennan has conducted “frenzied commentary
by Reggie Vision August 15, 2018
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"Would you look at those set of irons"
by cookie101 May 22, 2005
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adj. to be dressed up nicely, as for church, a wedding, or the like.

v. to force another to dress up nicely.

adv. to be forced by another to dress up nicely.

archaic alt. def: adj. to have one's hair looking unusually tidy and styled: originates from the crisp look resulting from ironing one's hair.
He be lookin' ironized fo sho jes now.

Dang, his ole lady dun ironized that homeboy fo the hookup with her rents.

Hooter dun been too ironized, po dude.
by Galcoolest February 28, 2005
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the clubs you use while playing golf within 200 yds. starts from a 3 iron to a 9 including a pitching wedge
"im gonna use my 3 iron and try and get it over the lake.... bitch"
by Ali G's Main man Alex January 11, 2005
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