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One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet in your life time. She is super sweet and caring and will do anything for the people she cares about. Boys cant help but to fall in love with her sense of humor and her drop dead looks. Brooklyns are also talented and smart and good at all the things they do.
Guy 1: Holy look at that chick over there!
Guy 2: Dude that HAS to be a Brooklyn!
by Kantiliium April 10, 2010
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Brooklyn is a true friend and an even truer lover, she will give you her heart and love you for eternity, if you ever betray a betray a Brooklyn you can kiss your chances with her goodbye, she hates being betrayed. She a thoughtful compassionate intelligent badass with beautiful big blue eyes that you'll never forget, you wont want to forget, shes fit and has a pretty face and body. Her giggle is a worth a billion dollars and is the cutest thing ever. Shes a cool girl with a great sense of humor and loves to have fun especially with the one she cares about. Shes modest and always puts herself last and isn't afraid to admit shes a little weird because it makes her special. If you ever find a Brooklyn make her feel loved and appreciated everyday and treat her right, she is the perfect woman. I live my life for her everyday waiting for the day ill see her again.
whenever Brooklyn giggles I get butterflies in my stomach
The future is the moldable present - Brooklyn
by invisbleman March 29, 2015
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A sexy mofo that is the nicest girl ever, she is such a good friend that will always have your back, all the guys are after brooklyn and most girls are jelous of her. Brooklyn is very popular but she is still such a kind person. If you know a brooklyn you should always stay by her side cause she will definatly have your back.
"I'm so glad that im friends with brooklyn"
"omg brooklyn is so popular"
"dude brooklyn is so hot"
by macc69 October 13, 2012
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she is a beautiful woman with amazing qualities. She gets along with most people, but people hate her because they are jealous of her life. Guys wait in line for her but her heart belongs to someone else. Brooklyn is unbelievable.
by charles02840 February 03, 2010
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Anyone with the name Brooklyn is usually THE coolest, and most popular person in town.
the name obviously means nice booty and you're lucky to have any girl called brooklyn.
on average.

She is lovable and a great friend.

" DAYYYUUUUUUUUM, check her out!"
"YEAH! I bet HER name's Brooklyn"
*'Brooklyn' walks over*
"Hey guys, I'm Brooklyn."
by ClarissaaGracee May 23, 2008
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Beautiful, courageous, young woman anyone would want to be. Brooklyn is the type of person that will stick up for her friends and never give up on them. She is very astonishing, glamorous, and divine. She will stay with you through thick and thin and always have your back.
She is very beautiful and amazing.
She must be a Brooklyn.
Hi, my name is Brooklyn.
by Darcy Moorre April 25, 2016
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The coolest chick in the world that is silly but absolutely caring in many ways! Likes country activities! Likes fun with friends! Likes taking pictures! Is shy at first, but once you get to know her she is one cool chick! She is a friend, truly worth having!
Guy 1: Hey, you've been hanging out with Brooklyn?

Guy 2: Yeah, man, she is so cool!
by astech July 31, 2013
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