Das ya ol' lady huh?!

Nah, my ol' lady won't let me.
by ya boy D April 17, 2007
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Ol lady. Or girlfriend to someone in a club or mc. Most commonly know as property which means she belongs to 1 specific member but being property of the club all members are expected to defend her and her honor from anyone who seeks to demean or insult her
This in my ol lady well kill u over her
by Olmanrider August 6, 2018
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Adj. - A term used in the pipe, construction, welding, and fitting field for a persons girl friend and/or wife.
“Yeah me and the ole lady went down town this weekend and got us a room at the Hilton.”
by Pipe_life12 May 26, 2020
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a girl that you talk to or someone you are with
joe:who that girl is

bobby:mayne thats my ol' lady
by briana renee ` March 25, 2011
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