Indy Racing League: A breakaway from CART which uses no turbo or superchagers on their cars, and thus the cars are cheaper. This was meant to allow lower funded teams to compete, but resulted in many incompetent teams and, in its early days, wrecks on the pace lap. The IRL's main event is the Indy 500, which used to be a CART event.
IRL drove me away from open wheel racing and back to NASCAR.
by Jacob November 12, 2003
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A joke of a league that runs "dumbed down" races and continues to betray the "vision" with which it was sold to it's fans.
The IRL get's lower TV ratings on ABC that a test pattern.
by Jebus January 7, 2005
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Indy Racing League, now the premier racing series, it features cars that are more affordable, and Unlike CART the IRL mainly runs in the United States, with 1 race overseas in Japan. Thus they can have more races as opposed to the expense of transporting cars overseas.
by joe c August 27, 2004
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Acronym for Intimate Relative Love, a stereotype among rednecks and inbreds.
Okay now you're just making shit up damn it.
by T Hizzle April 7, 2005
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I Really Laughed

While the term IRL generally means "in real life" in recent years, when combined with LOL the term has grown traction as an abbreviation or shorthand text-speak for "I really laughed". As the phrase 'LOL' -- a term once used to denote actual laughter -- has become overused and utilized in instances where no actual laughter has occurred, IRL is now being used to denote real laughter so as to let the other person know they actually found it funny.
John: that's when I told her I was gay.

Jane: LOL, irl.
by urbanr_cker October 1, 2011
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The plural for the concept of "IRL" which is an abbreviation of "in real life" used in the internet. Irls can refer to people that you know in real life when you are speaking online.
I hope none of my irls find my fan account, it'd be so embarrasing if they ever know that I secretly stan celebrities and movies.
by Liz Chain May 14, 2018
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