To run someone over.
I Was playing GTA and I Tony Stewart -ed a whole crowd of people
by pbny August 11, 2014
A verb; 1. To accidentally hit a person with a vehicle causing death. 2. A form of vehicular homicide.
"HOLY COW! You almost Tony Stewart-ed that dude"
by No soul August 13, 2014
2 time NEXTEL Cup Champion, the best driver in NASCAR right now. Nickname is Smoke. Began a strict diet in an attempt to get into better shape, after many called him too fat to be effective. Sponsor of his NEXTEL Cup car is Home Depot (car 20), his Busch National car is sponsored by Old Spice (car 33).
"Tony Stewart wins the race"
by Smoke_fan_74 May 1, 2006
A cool NASCAR driver. I don't care what **OBVIOUSLY JEALOUS** Gordo fans think of him. He is the best NASCAR Driver alive. And we're going to keep supporting him even if he makes "stupid mistakes".
Tony Stewart, 2 Time Nextel Cup Champion. Go Tony!
by Random Letters February 21, 2006
Firece NASCAR Nextal Cup drvier. Drives the number 20 Home Depot Chevolet. 2002 NASCAR Champion. Greg Zippadelli Crew Cheif, Teammate, Bobby Labonte for Joe Gibbs Racing.
" And Tony Stewart wins the Pepsi 500 at The Daytona Speedway. His first win at this historical track.."
by smokesgirl July 18, 2005
A guy from pa who needs some anger management classes that shares my name and makes my life hard.
by Tony Stewart August 13, 2005