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Crappy band that has a lead singer that sounds like a Pre-teen girl. One of the many bands that are driving the rock genre into the ground.
Thanks to bands like simple plan rap is taking over and rock is going downhill.
by Jacob January 31, 2005
1-"would you rather fuck a cow or an anus filled with magma?"
2-"a cow"

1- person one asks a second person if they'd rather fuck a cow or _________(something 100 times more repulsive).
2- answers "cow"
3- responds with "cowfucker." this is the only reason this game is played- to call someone "cowfucker."

stems from the obscure movie "kicking and screaming."
a-"would you rather fuck a cow or an anus filled with magma?"
b-"a cow"

a-"would you rather fuck a cow or a shotgun barrel filled with herpes and could shoot at any moment.?"
b-"i abstain."
a-"damn straight"
by Jacob June 23, 2004
1. A bowl of noodle soup with turkey in it.

2. A psychotic expression when a person feels like he'll go insane for a certain reason.
1. I had some turkey noodles for lunch and I wish I haven't.

2. Kyle ran about the room screaming "TURKEY NOODLES! TURKEY NOODLES! BORT! BORT!" because his dog was barking like mad.
by Jacob January 8, 2003
1) An exclamation along the lines of woohoo and yahoo.
2) Replaces "whatever" or "I dont care" in a sentence.
Whoody doo! I just won the lottery!

*to the teacher* I didn't do my homework, whoody doo.
by Jacob September 12, 2003
ecstatic and intoxicated. used in reference to celebration.
Let's go to the club tonight and get "krunk". We're celebrating the new millenium.
by Jacob March 10, 2005
A sexual word in which the male rushes into his partner's rear end, causing severe pain if in the anal.
Last night when we were having sex, I snuck a blitz on her.
by Jacob April 7, 2005
of or accustomed to being intune with the one and only donald lim
yo dawg you are so on the ball today, what a dliminator
by Jacob May 6, 2005