abbreviation for Dark Age of Camelot. An MMORPG. About three realms, Albion, Hibernia and Midgard. The main attraction is RvR which is PVP. Very addictive.
DAOC owns Everquest, and I should know, I've played both
by alb December 30, 2005
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A game where you waste time and money on something, that in the end, causes you great pain, stress and anguish.
DAoC can mentally damage your health.
by Anonymous March 5, 2003
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Another game where you get to virtuallyu run around dressed up in fancy dress and chop people into little bits.

Like Everquest but without the requirement to go without a shower for weeks on end.
I killed five elves, three lurikeen and a poncy celt last night on DAOC! Then a troll ate my spleen.
by Anonymous March 6, 2003
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Dark Age of Camelot. A game where three realms filled with lots of people run at each other in mindless zergs and attempt to kill each other. There is supposed to be a wide range of places to figt other people in RvR (realm vs realm) but mythic had made it so they only go to Emain and Hibernia gets screwed over.
WTF. They had like.. 200... in that stupid tactless zerg
by Pissed off ranger October 28, 2003
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