that stuff irks me/will you quit irking me already!
by Soledad July 24, 2003
To annoy/piss off to the point of mental frustration.
by burnclouds October 28, 2005
When you get so irritated that you eek out. When stupid heifers won't leave you alone with all their bullshit problems, and they don't seem to realize how little you truly care.
Cheryl: My life sucks, everyone hates me.. wahhhh!!
Me: You're irking me.....step away.
by XHotGrandmaX December 15, 2004
It irks him to think of his ex boyfriend hooking up with other guys.
by Teach123456789 March 25, 2018
1. A lazy, incompetent, useless or hopeless individual
2. A slacker
3. Dim-witted or hopeless
4. A pathetic internet addict

Quit sitting in your room playing World of Warcraft, irk.

She had alot of potential, but now the irk just sits around feeling sorry for herself.

George W. Bush a complete irk in every way, shape, and form.

by AlexD13 April 15, 2007
v. to turn a corner sharply in your car, to put the pedal to the metal, and to do it quickly (orlando, florida)

comes from the sound heard when tires screech.
1. Yo, irk this next right
2. Shit it's the cops, irk it!
3. Man I saw you irkin it in the parking lot, you need to slow down.
by crunk407 March 27, 2008
When someone who’s either overly excited or can’t type attempts to write IKR but fails miserably. #icon
“She is HOT!”
by nothingtoseehere^^ August 23, 2022