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Verb transitive. To guess but with greater confidence and less foundation. To speculate omnisciently. Obviously reverse-derived from the adjective "intuitive".
My wife has intuited the second wave of UFOs in lock step with the tides.
by slickwilly March 07, 2005
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Describing people, who's life experience is influenced through intuition. They value inner, spontaneous feeling, above surface appearances, ...
A pun from The "Inuit" native people of Alaska;
Intuit's generally identify with the Neurodiversity Movement, emerging from the Autism Spectrum Community.
Intuit's are often referred to as "sensitives".
The term "Intuit" is intended to be a bit playful, but at the same time, a meaningful conveyance of one's unique cognitive processing style; predominately influenced, by an immediate felt sense of experience.
I consider myself an Intuit. Feelings or intuition, have a major influence in my decisions.
by arbordwell May 30, 2017
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