Cover up is a more common word and it is used to make someone's skin look flawless.
"Why do celebrities have such perfect skin?"
"Foundation hides their scales duhh!"
by Mrs.Marley May 23, 2007
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When used excessively, it can make your face look like a shiny orange orb. Whenever you can tell that someone is wearing foundation, they are wearing too much. Sometimes when not rubbed in correctly, over-applied, or the person in question has applied the wrong shade, they can get the mask effect. Foundation is used excessively by teenage girls, specifically bro ho's and girls who work in Abercrombie.
omg let's get some more foundation
by Angelacia June 16, 2007
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Girls wear it. Mostly worn with other forms of makeup. Can come in a cream, or as powder. Used to make skin seem perfect and fault-less. Applying too much makes them look like slutty fake barbie-dolls. But foundation is good if you want to hide freckles and blemishes.
omg, look how much foundation that bottle-blonde chick is wear, she looks soo fake!
by rochelley January 25, 2007
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it is the lowest level of 'smartness' at standard grade level and is used to abbreviate someone being in a foundation class (stupid class) with the use of the single word 'foundation' or shortened to 'foundy'. It can also be used to describe someone's actions to be like those of a person in a foundation class.
stupid person

1: 10 minutes after a joke is told) ohhh, I get it now
2: ha! you're so foundy/foundation!

actions like those of a stupid person

1: (falls over a chair or something)
2: omg that is so foundy/foundation!
by meeee-x May 19, 2008
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a huge amount of makeup to conceal or to make an ugly girl look more respectable.
Guy 69:"Wow Amy Winehouse looks hot tonight"

Man 300: "thats because she's wearing a shit load of foundation"
by Cunt eater 300 July 6, 2009
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n. a term used widely until the 1970s to describe various women's undergarments such as girdles, bustles, corsets, etc. Girdles and corsets slimmed down the moderately obese lady who could tolerate them. Corsets also gave an hourglass figure to a thin person, such as Scarlett O'hara.
Mrs. Gottrocks went to the foundations department at Neiman Marcus to check out the lastest styles in girdles.
by Richard Black September 30, 2005
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The Foundation Leader of The Seven
The Seven or The Foundation
by yako-li March 25, 2021
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