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Phobic-D: Phobic Phobia, fear plus D for Dominant type Personality.
Phobic-D refers to a person whose MIND represses substantial fears which causes that person to deny his or her emotions.
The Phobic-D personality tends to be super sensitive and fearful. He must be Phobic-D because he is so fearful of everything. George seems to lack any emotion at all, he must be a Phobic-D personality?
by esodoc August 2, 2018
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CDKA&EU is a symbol that stands for Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. These are thought to be the Virtues we Souls are accumulating by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes.

CDKA&EU, when fully acquired, would represent "wisdom". The possession of CDKA&EU is akin to Enlightenment and thought to be possessed by Saints and mystics. This is quite different than possessing intelligence, or being smart.
A person possessing substantial CDKA&EU would be kind, honest, forgiving, and abstain from negativity.

Possession of substantial CDKA&EU would cause a person to be withdrawn "from the world" in that such a person would tend to be quiet, aloof, and dedicated to meditation and Spirituality.
by esodoc March 30, 2011
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An Esogist is someone who studies the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and of Life. It designates a specific study of that which is largely limited to psychics, or clairvoyant individuals like Edgar Cayce. Or the specialized area of Psychology that deals with the Esoteric invisible dimensions of the Whole Human Being: Self, Soul, and Mind.
The well-known psychotherapist was successful largely because he was an Esogist.
by esodoc February 15, 2018
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Or Empathetic Understanding, is the ability to intuit the emotional experiencing of another because one has, at one point or another, experienced the same thing oneself.

Sympathy is thinking about someone, but empathy is actually "Knowing" the emotion the person is experiencing, or going through.... having gone though the same emotion oneself.
When I see a fat child, being made fun of, I "know" how he or she is feeling, because I felt the exact same emotion when I was young - my "knowing" is empathy.

When I see a parent pulling a little child who's legs are exhausted, and the child is crying with pain, I "know" what that child is experiencing. I experience empathy for that child.
by esodoc August 5, 2011
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The term combines experience and the faculty of Intuition. It is the process whereby a person suddenly understands a new bit of knowledge that one did not realize previously.
He suddenly looked at me and exclaimed... 'I KNOW what you mean"! But he found he could not explain what he now Knew? And I realized that it was exper-tuit that allowed him to awaken to this knowledge
by esodoc May 18, 2019
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PsychEducation combines two separate fields of study: Psychology and Education. The original Greek word "Psychology", uses the prefix "psyche", which is defined as "Self, Soul and Mind", which are all "Esoteric" terms. Or, terms referring to the Esoteric non-physical dimensions of Man.

Education, by contrast, is usually thought of as a field of study utilizing ones brain and thinking.

The term PsychEducation therefore refers to a study that combines both the intellectual and Esoteric non-physical aspects of Man. That is, the use of ones Intuition.
Modern Mental Health looks to the behavior of a person, and tends to blame such behavior on motivational factors outside the person. The reality is... ones "reaction" is "colored by" subtle factors within that person's Esoteric MIND.

By using "PsychEducation", those in modern mental health can be taught to "look within" Man for the answers to "why" people do certain things. PsychEducation is another way of suggesting Esochology.
PsychEducation is a study of the Whole Human Being.
by esodoc July 27, 2011
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Intellectualism + lack of CDKA&EU = Intelack. CDKA&EU Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding or the Virtues we Souls are accumulating by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes.

Adjective; A person who is confined to intellectualism, and possessing little or no access to Intuition, the only means of experiencing ones emotionality and CDKA&EU.
The person who believes life is unfair, unjust, and that wealthy people need to have their wealth taken and distributed to the poor, is an "Intelack" individual.

The person who believes that killing millions of people is OK, just as long as an Utopian dream is pursued, is an "Intelack" individual.
The individual whose Soul is perched on the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life is an "Intelack" individual.
by esodoc March 30, 2011
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