To have simulated sex, like "hump."

Growing up in Indiana, we used it in reference to a dog riding your leg.
"Hey, lookit! Ol' Blue's hunchin' Gramaw's leg again!"
by shebeest May 18, 2004
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To dry hump ( rub your genitals on someone else's genitals with your clothes still on)
Why is AC and his dirty ass ho hunchin' in your whip fo?
by crackerbrittney September 4, 2005
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humping up and down on someone with clothes on.
" John hunch me on the couch"
by willie packer September 22, 2016
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He was hot so we hunched.
by Alissa August 21, 2003
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An erection one has for no apparent reason. It is not nearly as massive or blatant as a "clue."
Guy 1: Do you know where I left my keys?

Guy 2: No, but I've got a hunch.

Guy 1: Whoa dude, don't point that at me!
by Pat did it July 13, 2009
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Hunch is a retard. He is fat, car, homosexual, gay, smelly, hungry, and doesn't like that Montel guy, because that's from Schindler's List.
Hunch is maaaaaad car
by Mark Martel of WZW July 13, 2004
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