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A cheating fucking whore who took the kids please Karen bring them back I swear I can pay for them please
My wife took the fucking kids, I'm seriously considering suicide, nigga!
by I hate Stuart little December 18, 2018
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a bitch that takes your money, your kids, your car, your house and your dignity!
guy 1: my wife took everything
guy 2: well at least you have your dignity
guy 1: no, she took that to
by lolman63 December 12, 2018
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she left
person 1: Dude, where are you're kids?
person 2: She took them and left.
person 1: Who?
person 2: My wife
by XxMishuGaimerxX March 20, 2019
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a term often expressed when one is surprised or just being obnoxious.

Coined by talk show host Petros Papadakis
Marty: Dude, that guy is on crack or something...

John: Yeah..he's being really obnoxious

Frank: MY WIFE!
by AkimboSlice December 17, 2009
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