wow that was nadir.
by sharon October 24, 2003
The lowest point
I have reached the nadir of my sorrow.
by Justin Akehurst July 2, 2003
Rare , unique, has a great sence of humor , trustful , and everyone wants to be her friend
by Kelly woo January 26, 2017
Turkish word meaning "rare". Also used as a name.
My name is Nadir.
by ThePausebrake February 21, 2017
The most sassy human ever to live.
Nadir: Sassy is not an adjective, it is a way of life.
by XxNadirSassyGodxX69 January 19, 2018
Nadir is the coolest man in the world. Everytime you feel sad or lonely, he's here, just for you, to reassure you, to console you, to give you strength.
Nadir is your best mate. You know it, so don't forget it.
by Tu sais qui je suis November 23, 2021
He is funny, chill, awesome and smart guy. He likes basketball and hanging with friends. He is mostly shy with new friends but when he spends a lot of time with them, he becomes a different person. He is strong and he trains a lot. If you become a friend with him, you can always count on him and depend on him...
by Grxmonster February 19, 2022