16 definitions by Mack C

Dude, on Fridays I just kinda gallivant around the office all day.
by Mack C February 22, 2007
An electrifying basketball superstar who transformed the pathetic Chicago Bulls into 6-time world champions. ESPN voted him the number one athlete of the century. Every game Jordan would do something spectacular and for 13 seasons he captivated crowds with gravity defying dunks, inspired defence, and dramatic game-winning shots. Every season Jordan improved his game and remained a step ahead of his many foes.
Dude, last night John Starks talked some smack and Michael Jordan lit him up for 55 points.
by Mack C January 15, 2007
The science of appearing busy but actually doing nothing.
Dude, quit shucking and jiving and get back to work.
by Mack C February 22, 2007
to benefit oneself by pretending to forget.
"Dude, if I loan you this twenty dollars please pay me back. Don't come down with a case of selective amnesia on me."
by Mack C January 19, 2007
An expensive but life-saving haven where rock-bottom addicts can finally sleep in a bed and eat something other than corn chips. Five percent of these regain their freedom, health, families, homes, jobs, and drivers licence by learning to change. The remaining ninety-five percent of these are just resting-up before their next binge.
Dude, I just got released from jail, evicted from my apartment, fired from my job, had another seizure, and my wife left me. Guess I'll get loaded and go back to rehab.
by Mack C January 23, 2007
when one has exausted all resources and is reduced to the insane condition of toting a small travel bag, aimlessly riding buses, selling plasma, nodding-out in public libraries, standing in welfare lines, eating in soup kitchens, walking in a dream, sleeping in shelters and parks, worrying about the next fix, and knowing that going to jail is a step up on the social ladder.
Dude, maybe he's homeless because he's mental, can't care for himself, and nobody cares.
by Mack C January 23, 2007
An incredibly funny, Los Angeles writer known as "the prophet of skid row." Bukowski published thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories, and six novels. His simple writing style is often imitated and centers on drinking, whores, and playing the horses. Bukowski spent many years drifing across the USA in a drunken haze, working crap jobs, fighting in bars, and living in flop houses. Later, he returned to LA, worked at the Post Office, played the horses, and started writing. He wrote the autobiographical movie "Barfly" staring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway.
"...well, I wasn't quite a bum. I had a library card and I checked books in and out, large stacks of them, always taking the limit allowed..."--Charles Bukowski, The Burning of the Dream.
by Mack C January 15, 2007