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the process of bringing comprehension and understanding to others; enlightening others through simple presence or communication of ideas; imparting wisdom
v. He caused the crowd to disperse by insighting a riot.

adj. He was so insighting that, suddenly, we all understood everything.
by Ironheart January 23, 2011
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Of utility to the United States of America (or her allies or some elite subset thereof) for achieving political aims and economic goals.
Arms manufacturers, Big Oil, warmongers and peaceniks, various missionaries and contractors alike, there were many who never once misunderestimated the usatility of President George Walker Bush and his War on Terror.
by Ironheart January 23, 2011
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The slow painful way someone who is following a completely derailed train of logic will support or arrive at the most absurdly stupid conclusions.
Watching her Barbie-doll Brain work it's insidiotic pattern was like rubbernecking at an auto accident.

The insidiotic monologue he delivered made me seek out the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.

Listening to her insidiotic explanation of how the colors on traffic lights were actually reversed, I realized that some people didn't have to really understand anything as long as they followed the rules.
by Ironheart January 23, 2011
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