to seek to learn or obtain information by asking
I heard you read a new book, may I inquire what it was about?
by Dark_Slytherin January 24, 2006
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The /r/iamverysmart way of saying ask
May I inquire about how to write a proper thesis?
by Click Here! December 27, 2017
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adj 1. to actively seek out the identity of another by overtly external means; 2. to be curious about another beyond any reasonable means; 3. to google the ungoogleable.
-Why the fuck you being so inquirous?
It vexes me to not know the answer.

Inquirous motherfuckers google'd my ass, then spammed 12 forums to discover my identity.
by c April 26, 2004
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The thing in IB that is used to go deep and enjoy the moment, physical or mental.
Stefan inquired really deep into Espen.
by The inquiring man October 29, 2021
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The thing the IB has and talks about going deep; what are they on.
Karen teacher: Today we will be inquiring deep into our bodies and express it through making a drawing about a fruit bowl
by The inquiring man October 29, 2021
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The IB thing that talks about going deep into your mind. What are they on.
Karen teacher: Today we are looking into inquiring into our bodies.
by The inquiring man October 29, 2021
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If you are "pulling an Inquirer," it means you are so ignorant towards whatever it is you are talking about that you make up stories, words, and phrases to take attention away from the fact that you're a complete moron. "Pulling an Inquirer" only works on people with a level of stupidity greater than or equal to your own.
Noob (ie Option): Dood! I heard Intel's releasing an 13 core CPU optomized only for gamers with a COD4 ranking of 50 or higher! wtfBBQsauceHAX

TLD to Kops: Options pulling an Inquirer again...
by ThaLoveDocta April 12, 2008
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