TLD is an acronym standing for Top Level Domain. It is the part of the url that comes after the final period and before the slash. There are TLDs assigned to each country in the world, and also TLDs for commercial, military, government, educational, and other types of institutions.
The TLD for http:// www. google. com/ is .com.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
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acronym for "tasty little dish" which is used to describe the cuter or smaller girls of the girl variety. You can even use TLD out loud without girls knowing what you are talking about...unless they're smart of course...
GUY 1: "DAYYUMM check out that TLD, mang!!!"
GUY 2: "WOW I would rock that number ALL NIGHT!"
GUY 1: "oh.. i guess you can say that about your sister.."
by rackyfidge May 18, 2010
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Tender Lovin' Dick. The kind of dick that watches the View.
Yo Barry, put somma dat TLD in my hoochie coochie.
by barry white September 19, 2003
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TLD = Too Long Delete

Ever get those LONG BORING emails? Jokes or actual waffle that you can't be arsed to read through?

Just reply with a simple 'TLD' so that these boring fuckers will get the message!
Hey, check out the waffle that argumentative Lou has just sent over in an e-mail!

again!? TLD it! put the biyyaatch in her place!
by Oooossshhhhh March 20, 2012
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Stand for two little dogs who originated their gang in Oakland, California. Their set lies on 92nd ave. Known for their violence and selling drugs.
Man#Damn you see tld yesterday!

Guy#Yea those two little dogs their crazy they have guns !
by Two little dogs May 30, 2018
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Tight Like Dakota
Something that is tight meaning cool, or good. The thing is awesome so it is TLD {Tight Like Dakota).
That song is so awesome, it's TLD.
by The Freak of Texas April 23, 2006
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Trump Loss Denial. A severe reaction from Trump supporters to Joe Biden's landslide victory in the 2020 Presidential Election. Symptoms include non-stop screaming, bed-wetting and diarrhea.
Yo, Jim-Bob has a bad case of TLD and believes the election was rigged even though Biden won by 6 million votes. Someone stop him from screaming.
by gsmn November 14, 2020
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