The most amazing boyfriend a girl can ask for! He is very supportive, caring, funny and amazing! He will be there for you no matter what.
Stefan is literally a huge teddy bear that will give you cuddles, huhs and kisses all day long. They never get enough of you and will treat you like a Queen.

Stefan it is the best guy
by #B.I.T# February 19, 2022
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He's got a 10 inch dick always ready to fuck and whole body made for sex

He shoots cum out of his dick like Kim Jong un firing his missiles
Stefan can fuck
by Leshawndequea January 3, 2018
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he is a god amongst men and will be worshipped for his 30 inch cock
man that guy is insane must be a stefan
by Y.O.U.R. bestfriend March 30, 2021
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person 1: do you know who Stefan is?
person 2: No, who is he?
person 1: this cute guy
by random.person12 October 9, 2019
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Sexy ass guy who is funny as fuck, smart and is good at rapping and basketball. He can beat your ass any day, plus the ladies love him. He can make a girl his in less than a minute. All the sexy bitches want his d. He is overall a god. A Sports god, sex god, and sexy god.
Girl 1: Wow look at that guy, he's sexy as fuck!
Girl 2: He's probably a Stefan, i'd hop in his pants and let him bust in my face.

Guy 1: Holy shit you see that guy make that shot?!
Guy 2: Is that Stefan? Wouldn't be shocked.
Guy 3: Shat he just dunked on my ass.
by studmuffin2 December 20, 2012
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Stefan is such a sweet person. I don’t know what I would do without Stefan in my life. He’s such a caring & understanding person. If you don’t have a Stefan in your life your missing out! Stefan also happens to be a big stud. He’s the best basketball player ever and he’s super attractive;) all the ladies fall for him & his smile. (I know I did) so u better find you a Stefan, Just not mine😂🥺
“Omg is that Stefan”

“Stefan is a stud

Gosh Stefan is a cutie
by Cambree January 2, 2020
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A boy that always thinks of him self as a celebrity and knows right from wrong but he proud and smart boy but is also full of him self and is very talented and funny always trying to make friends and help others but can have mood changes out of know where
Chris:Stefan is pretty cool
Dave:I know
by Lit god July 31, 2017
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