Contrary to what some may believe, to pull an 'Espen' actually means achieving something larger than life, a supreme achievement few could only dream of.
That's one small step for an Espen, but a giant step for mankind, all of whom can only dream to be as great as him.
by mega2000 January 13, 2011
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the most handsome guy in Norway, nice, hot, cool, chill, SEXY.
Every girl when they see Espen: " OMG, he is soo handsome!" "Please be mine" "Can I touch you?"

Every hot guy should be called Espen.
by SarahJ922 January 10, 2012
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To pull an 'Espen' means performing a normal day activity while simultaneously looking like a complete fuckwad.
'Hey you sure pulled a mighty espen there dude'
by vugi April 21, 2005
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To hungrily harrass friends or acquaintances for their leftover food or other possessions.
He was Espening me ALL night long!!
by iloveespen May 13, 2011
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An Espen is someone who can't complete the most simple of tasks without looking like a total fuckup. They also might be someone who has an opinion on everything although they have know prior knowledge to the topic. Another reason for calling someone an "Espen" is that they will always do half a job.
Cor that new guy is a complete Espen.
by r0adrunner June 21, 2010
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A derogatory term for Espen Enger, who sued the BitGrail exchange and is exit scamming the victim donation fund worth over $1 million USD.
"Bro, you just got Espened!"

"She Espened me all night long"

"My penis looks a little too Espened today"
by Micah Douche May 2, 2018
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"The Espen" is a spontanious outburst of energy, may present itself in the form of a naked man jumping around like a crazy person.

Originaly preformed in locker rooms and generally frowned upon because you are making an espen out of yourself.
Dude, this guy pulled the Espen in the locker room yesterday. It was disgusting!
by The ORIGINAL Espen April 25, 2010
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