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When someone is bad/stupid/ignorant in a field, and thinks they are great/good/guru/expert. This normally happens due to people not having enough knowledge in that field to even know that they are bad at this field. A great place to find and report these people is at /r/iamverysmart
Dude1 : I am an expert in math
Dude2 : You are falling to the dunning-kruger effect (seriously wtf why do I have to include the word in this), all you know is how to add and subtract
by Click Here! December 22, 2017

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A joke that involves freedoms and "choice". In reality you have no power, it allows gerrymandering, if the two conspires (Republican+Democrat, due to first pass the post, shit system BTW), you have no choice in reality.
Representative Democracy is a great and funny joke.
by Click Here! December 05, 2017

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The biggest pimp u have ever known. If u ever meet someone named Rajeep put him on ur shoulders and carry him to ur house and treat him like the king! 4 all u know he could be the ruler of the whole universe or even multi-verse. He could have a huge fleet of alien niggas waiting to fuck ur life. If u ever meet a Rajeep, call him ur master and tell him u r ready to work 4 him. I can guarantee that he has the largest dick u have ever seen. He is also called JEEP 4 his amazing JEEP like features. He was built to explore and conquer all terrains just like the Jeep. He was built 4 power and sexyness just like the Jeep. He can crush anything and anyone like the Jeep. And has tons of twerk (though the Jeep has torque). He is talented at everything. He is SUPER smart. If u were to put Einstein and Jeep in the same room. Einstein would come out crying in seconds. Though I don't know why this happens, it probably just means that Rajeep is smarter! Some people also say that Rajeep surpasses JESUS himself. Though there is no proof of Jesus, there is proof of Rajeep (maybe). There r others that say that if u look really hard into a mirror u will see him staring at u! Still there r others that claim they have seen him flying past the earth in his "UFO". Personally I think that is bullshit because those r Rajeep's slaves and warriors! There r so many other things to say about Rajeep I don't think this small website could handle all the things I could write about him.
Girl 1: OMG!! I just saw a RAJEEP!!!!
Girl 2: OMG!! Thats like cooler than my Starbucks!!
by CLICK HERE! November 20, 2014

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The most overused word by immature children
0mgl0b kYs FaGgETTTTTT
by Click Here! December 22, 2017

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The /r/iamverysmart way of saying ask
May I inquire about how to write a proper thesis?
by Click Here! December 26, 2017

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Something basic bitches use every second word.
Omg, like, I, like, literally can't like even like you like know?
by Click Here! December 10, 2017

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