"Being inner" is when When someone demonstrates interest or opinion in someone else's business. Buisness that doesn't nor will it ever affect or be relevant to them.
Tell me what she said ? "It's none of your buisness why you being inner for?"
by TypicalTaurus93 November 27, 2016
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Refers to the state of being mentally and spiritually harmonious with no sort of stress or anxiety in your way
Dude: OMG why the f@?k am I so angry all the time.
Hippie: wow man....calm down....sit with me and find your inner peace
by jbLllllllooooo March 12, 2015
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A player of online poker tournaments who routinely goes all-in regardless of the strength of their hand.
And now the tournament participants have been reduced by half thanks to those all-inners in the last hand.
by Ruchesko December 19, 2011
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a tiny korean man that lives in your ribcage
My Inner Zin is Hungary
by worderse January 3, 2010
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Inner beauty basically means being a generally good person. Being kind, honest, etc.

Many people think inner beauty is just a phrase "used for ugly people to make them feel better about themselves." People who think that are sorely mistaken.

Not all people who have inner beauty are "ugly," in fact, many people with inner beauty also have outer beauty. So you can't just look at someone and know if they have inner beauty, you have to get to know them first.

Ever heard the phrase, "It's what's on the inside that counts"? It's true.
She doesn't have any inner beauty, the only thing she has is her looks.
by cvgfnbchsdbfgdbh February 22, 2011
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Personal struggles in your mind, almost always a solo fight
Guy: Where is Kyle? I haven't seen him in a while.
Girl: Oh he's off facing his inner demons.
by bittersweetlegacy April 22, 2011
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The nerdy part of a person's personality. Includes any geeky or dorky qualities that may be hidden from the outer world. For example, one's inner nerd may become excited about science fiction novels.
It is probably healthiest to learn to accept and love your inner nerd. So what if you like science fiction books and documentaries on marsupials. That's what makes you unique!
by lotusflower February 23, 2007
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