in-ner-ss : boobs that are so flat, they reciede into the body
Carly's brothers Keith and Kevin punched in her barbie dolls boobs so that they were inners.
by MikeISAWESOME October 15, 2007
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Some one who inserts themselves in a conversation BUT is not part of it AT ALL
As Sally and Tom were talking about what happened last night as apple bees a BUT INNER decided to join the conversation....
by Beach Tan February 5, 2009
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The Inner Peter is the temptation to do things that you are not suppose to do.
James stole something because he was overcome by his Inner Peter.
by Famfon October 17, 2018
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An inner clique is a small group, gang, or crew of close friends who you stand by your side no matter what, who will have your back, and who you trust with anything.


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My inner clique is cool!
by Jordanok August 19, 2014
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A strange item made by the Puppy Barley Club - yes. The Puppy Barley Club. Is often used as a nonsense word.
Oil of myrrh into the health of the mouth, styles, leaher goods inner bippies, and of course, royal furniture.
by ARandomPage October 14, 2021
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The sex goddess living inside you. Like from 50 shades of grey, which is the reason you came to search this word. Don't lie.
*Laying naked in bed*
Sam: What's your inner goddess doing?

Sophie: Prancing around like a kangaroo, doing backflips
by Grunge freedom January 3, 2015
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Something said by Fairview Jr. high kids. Normally people saying it have chubby cheeks and their names are normally Hannah, Hallaiah or Kent
Hannah: *takes off glasses*
Hallaiah: *takes of glasses*
Kent: * takes of glasses*
All of them: *smile* INNER ASIAN!
by Oh shit oh shit March 12, 2020
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