A psychological survival technique commonly found in males that allows them to overcome obstacles in survival situations.

Symptoms include:

Instant ability to use any melee or ranged weapon to ridiculous excess.

The abandonment of any code of honor and respect for life, religion, and/or property.

Massive spikes in manliness, such as the deepening of voice and loss of shirt (an added headband is also a clear sign.)

The systematic "I give-no-shits" attitude towards any hominid that doesn't possess a vagina.

Dramatic weepy background dreams and flashbacks. (The manliness factor is not affected during or after)

A severe immunity to bullets and any other tactical firepower.
After John's plane crashed in the South American rainforest, he used his Inner Rambo to survive the massive number of government insurgents between him and the U.S consulate.

Jim's Inner Rambo kicked in and he carried his attractive female boat passenger to safety, leaving all the other fuck-offs to become instant meat shields.
by Flagged January 16, 2013
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Name of the fandom that supports the four bestest boys from WINNER. Stan talent, stan WINNER!
"Oh, you know WINNER?"
"Yeah, I'm an Inner Circle."
"Sis. You have great taste in men and music."
by October 8, 2020
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Inner slut means a person who is a slut with one special person who they trust. For example a boyfriend.
I am such an inner slut with my boyfriend
by ASDFGHJKLmolly November 24, 2013
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A term used in the United States referring to a place in a large city that is mostly populated by poor minorities. It has nothing to do with the actual inner part of a city, and generally refers to a wedge-shaped area within the city limits that separates the downtown area from the suburbs, such as the Bronx in NYC, the South and West Sides of Chicago, Dorchester and Roxbury in Boston, and South Central Los Angeles.
The inner part of a city is the downtown area, but the part that is called "inner city" is the outside part.
by vetchling April 8, 2007
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When one (male or female) consumes alcohol and becomes intoxicated, but is with people or at an event in which he/she must not show his intoxication for risk of inappropriate behavior or embarrassment. Therefore, he/she tries to contain the fact of intoxication while still feeling the effects of the alcohol.
1) I took a few shots with my roommate right before the lawyers dinner. We both experienced inner parties.
2) I had a few beers before meeting her mother. She thought I was cool, but I was having an inner party
by Pineapple Kitty November 24, 2009
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The secret part of every straight male that enjoys Broadway Shows, singing showtunes, antiques, dancing, sad movies, puppies, gazpacho, and Liza Minelli.
Ed went to see "A Chorus Line" last night . . . I think he's exploring his inner fag.
by tagz June 10, 2007
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The Permanent State of mind where nothing is impossible.....where oneself relies on instinct to handle anything in life. To achieve the inner "G" one must remove all doubt, all fear, all worries from the mind, well as push themselves to their limits and go beyond it and believe that if they want something they go for it.
Guys 1: "How Can the DJ go up to her and talk to that girl and get her number knowing her boyfriend is right beside her?"

Guy 2: "DJ doesn't think about the what-ifs, should-ifs, and if-onlys. once he decides what he wants he goes for it, its what he calls the Inner "G""

Guy 1: Inner "G"?

Guy 2 : He says everybody has the Inner "G" all you got to do is let go of everything that is keeping you from your moment and go for it, never live in Moderation. If you want something you go for it the only thing that's stopping you.....is you
by DJ White Shadow June 19, 2011
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