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The best European county. Best water polo team in the world...Most beautiful girls. and of course good food! Good people!
And no Hungarians are NOT hungry all the time!...whoever thought of that was soooo clever
by VERA November 21, 2004
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a republic in Central Europe. Its population speaks a unique language that does not belong to the Indo-European language family. 18 Nobel Prize winners are Hungarian, as are many inventors and record-breaking athletes. Despite losing half of its total population after WWI, Hungary ranks among the top 10 based on calculations of Olympic medals per number of inhabitants. Hungarians have the highest percentage of green eyes of any people in the world, close to 20%.
"...I was lucky to have grown up in Hungary, a country that lives and breathes music - that has a passionate belief in the power of music as a celebration of life." Georg Solti, conductor

"Hungary has very beautiful folk poetry." Gyorgy Ligeti, composer
by Suessi August 04, 2007
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A Central Europian country. It is well-known by most people (excluding most of the USA) for its national food (the Goulash Soup, made of vegetables, paprika and beef), Lake Balaton ("the Hungarian Sea"), for its smart people and what is the most famous about Hungary: chicks. Because people say that about 95% of them look the best in the world.

Hungarians were a nomadic group from near Baskiria, near the Uralian mountain. Hungary came to be in about 900 DC. The hungarians were first led by Álmos, but he was killed and afterwards was led by ÁrpÑd. Because their fighting style was unknown, they were victorious on most countries, and so Hungary was a huge empire.
However, long story short, Hungary was attacked by the mongolians in around 1421, was under Turkish dominion for 150 years, then was under Austrian dominion for 300 years, then was under Soviet dominion until 1989. And under these dominions, Hungary took the wrong choices and was forced to become 93000 square kilometer big. The biggest territory cut-down was made in Trianon, at the end of World War I.

Hungary has almost no relationship to huns. And so, Attila the Hun was NOT hungarian. He was the King of the Huns.
The name is said to be derived from an old hungarian word "onogur". Although, almost no hungarians know what that means, except History Teachers. They say Hungarians might be related to Finns or the Turkish.

Hungary's population is 10,1 million. Out of that, 1,7 million live in the main city, Budapest. It is said to be a beautiful place, if you don't look at the homeless people.

Around 200,000 to 500,000 of Hungary's population consists of gypsies. Hungarians have a stereotype of them: they don't learn anything at school, don't wash themselves, they lie, cheat, and steal, and they are not even people. Hungarians are usually racists against them... Also, hungarians are said to be racists, but that is not true for every of them.

Many of Hungarian scientists went out to the USA and there they have created many huge breakthroughs. For example, the Hydrogenic Bomb by Edward Teller.
RandomDude01: Where are you from?
Me: Hungary.
RandomDude01: Wow, that's pretty cool.
RandomDude02: Hungary? WTF is Hungary?
by Zhuinden May 25, 2007
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A very fun and cool Eastern European country which happens to have the most beautiful women on earth.
Frank: I'm going to Hungary this summer.

Daniel: dude you're so lucky, I hear there are a lot of mixed Hungarian/Gypsy hotties there.
by lovezit April 07, 2005
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My personal opinion, Hungary is a beautiful country with nice and smart people.
Do you wonder what this tiny country can offer to you?
Despite the small size of Hungary she has a distinct culture and language, stirring history, beautiful landscapes, healing waters and spas, delicious food and wines.
Besides the lively, metropolitan ,beautiful capital, Budapest, and the resort area of Lake Balaton, it has a number of picturesque, historic small towns as well as several national parks, offering a wide range of adventures and experiences for tourists. You can see ruined medieval castles, impressive cathedrals, take hiking tours in the hills or join a canoeing trip on one of the several rivers. Hungary is famous for its hearty, spicy cuisine and its wines: there are several excellent wine-growing regions, offering a variety of great red and white wines.
Hungarian girls are beautiful, though are not sluts. I think it is so disgusting that some of unintelligent, foreign men think: ” the best fucking country ever!!!”As a Hungarian woman dares to say that these primitive men are not attractive to any Hungarian woman, girl in their right mind. I hope these kind of lames are not in Hungary any more and I just feel sorry for those girls who have to ’choose’ one of these barbarians.
by Zita 85 August 19, 2008
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The best fucking country ever!!! Located in central europe,population 10.05 million, it has great weather,tons of alcohol,and hot ass chicks!! Hungary has beautiful scenery,great beaches like Lake Balaton, and tons of medicinal baths. The people aren't stupid, like Americans.The people are known worldwide as being very smart,having had many nobel prize winners.The people are nice, (if you even attempt to speak in hungarian)and helpful. Has ton of history, great museums, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.
Hungary is a great country,where you will be pleasantly surprised, has everything that anyone would look for!! Everyone enjoy!
by Murkina December 03, 2007
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