The best European county. Best water polo team in the world...Most beautiful girls. and of course good food! Good people!
And no Hungarians are NOT hungry all the time!...whoever thought of that was soooo clever
by VERA November 22, 2004
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a republic in Central Europe. Its population speaks a unique language that does not belong to the Indo-European language family. 18 Nobel Prize winners are Hungarian, as are many inventors and record-breaking athletes. Despite losing half of its total population after WWI, Hungary ranks among the top 10 based on calculations of Olympic medals per number of inhabitants. Hungarians have the highest percentage of green eyes of any people in the world, close to 20%.
"...I was lucky to have grown up in Hungary, a country that lives and breathes music - that has a passionate belief in the power of music as a celebration of life." Georg Solti, conductor

"Hungary has very beautiful folk poetry." Gyorgy Ligeti, composer
by Suessi August 4, 2007
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A Central Europian country. It is well-known by most people (excluding most of the USA) for its national food (the Goulash Soup, made of vegetables, paprika and beef), Lake Balaton ("the Hungarian Sea"), for its smart people and what is the most famous about Hungary: chicks. Because people say that about 95% of them look the best in the world.

Hungarians were a nomadic group from near Baskiria, near the Uralian mountain. Hungary came to be in about 900 DC. The hungarians were first led by Álmos, but he was killed and afterwards was led by Árpád. Because their fighting style was unknown, they were victorious on most countries, and so Hungary was a huge empire.
However, long story short, Hungary was attacked by the mongolians in around 1421, was under Turkish dominion for 150 years, then was under Austrian dominion for 300 years, then was under Soviet dominion until 1989. And under these dominions, Hungary took the wrong choices and was forced to become 93000 square kilometer big. The biggest territory cut-down was made in Trianon, at the end of World War I.

Hungary has almost no relationship to huns. And so, Attila the Hun was NOT hungarian. He was the King of the Huns.
The name is said to be derived from an old hungarian word "onogur". Although, almost no hungarians know what that means, except History Teachers. They say Hungarians might be related to Finns or the Turkish.

Hungary's population is 10,1 million. Out of that, 1,7 million live in the main city, Budapest. It is said to be a beautiful place, if you don't look at the homeless people.

Around 200,000 to 500,000 of Hungary's population consists of gypsies. Hungarians have a stereotype of them: they don't learn anything at school, don't wash themselves, they lie, cheat, and steal, and they are not even people. Hungarians are usually racists against them... Also, hungarians are said to be racists, but that is not true for every of them.

Many of Hungarian scientists went out to the USA and there they have created many huge breakthroughs. For example, the Hydrogenic Bomb by Edward Teller.
RandomDude01: Where are you from?
Me: Hungary.
RandomDude01: Wow, that's pretty cool.
RandomDude02: Hungary? WTF is Hungary?
by Zhuinden May 25, 2007
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My personal opinion, Hungary is a beautiful country with nice and smart people.
Do you wonder what this tiny country can offer to you?
Despite the small size of Hungary she has a distinct culture and language, stirring history, beautiful landscapes, healing waters and spas, delicious food and wines.
Besides the lively, metropolitan ,beautiful capital, Budapest, and the resort area of Lake Balaton, it has a number of picturesque, historic small towns as well as several national parks, offering a wide range of adventures and experiences for tourists. You can see ruined medieval castles, impressive cathedrals, take hiking tours in the hills or join a canoeing trip on one of the several rivers. Hungary is famous for its hearty, spicy cuisine and its wines: there are several excellent wine-growing regions, offering a variety of great red and white wines.
Hungarian girls are beautiful, though are not sluts. I think it is so disgusting that some of unintelligent, foreign men think: ” the best fucking country ever!!!”As a Hungarian woman dares to say that these primitive men are not attractive to any Hungarian woman, girl in their right mind. I hope these kind of lames are not in Hungary any more and I just feel sorry for those girls who have to ’choose’ one of these barbarians.
by Zita 85 August 19, 2008
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A great country that used to be one of the big powers of Europe (Kingdom of Hungary then Austro-Hungarian Monarchy) then after the WWI the French et al decided to strip 2/3rd of its Hungary's mainland and half the population away overnight (Treaty of Trianon), creating bunch of never-existed surrounding countries, throwing over the border half the Magyar (Hungarian) population of the historical empire. The French point was solely to get rid of another power center in Europe, especially one that had historically had very good relationship or more than decent with Anglo-Saxon powers.
This created a HUGE resentment in Hungary and HUGE existential FEAR in these newborn countries which still exist, even today (look at Slovakia!)
During the WWII Hitler used this resentment to secure Hungarian support and Hungary got some of his territories back. At the end of the war Hungary couldn't pull a Romania - switching side at the very last moment, right before the end - so couldn't secure any of these territories and was forced to give them up.
For their part CS, based on the flat-out racist, disgusting Benes decrees that are STILL LAWS IN BOTH CZECH AND SLOVAKIA, deported some 2-3 MILLION people, mostly Germans and Hungarians and confiscated their property, which they have NEVER returned or paid for until today - in fact thee laws are still in effect (of course they are when both Brits and USA agreed of the deportations back then.)

In the next 40-50 years all the surrounding countries were shit poor compared to Hungary, they all used to come to Hungary, to sell all their cheap-@ss, useful or useless crap and buy FOOD which they simply did not have enough in their countries (especially Romanians, they suffered from STARVATION for DECADES) and when they went home the food they bought here they kept chasing their Hungarian minorities hoping to turn them into Romanians/Slovaks/etc.

After the 1990 Hungary alone took HALF the total Western capital influx which further aggravated the inferiority complex of these pretty young, rootless surrounding countries.

As a result of their serious inferiority complex and the pressing knowledge of their illegally gained historic Hungarian territories some of these countries, especially Slovakia and Romania countinue to fear a possible rise of Hungary, they still abuse their remaining Magyar (Hungarian) minority, even under EU laws etc - hence these idiotic, stupid, lame, semi-literate comments about Hungary.

Nowadays Hungary is struggling with several ballast of the past, most of them all come from the single fact that in return for the "plush revolution" it never really got rid of its Communist politician heritage (most became either Socialist or right-wing nationalist @ssholes) and its entire politcal elite has been totally corrupted during the past ~20 years (since 1990, the first free elections since November of 1945.)

Ukraine is so far the best neighbor of Hungary, despite she retained Karpatalja (Munkacs area, also lost in Trianon), despite the pro-Hungary majority in the aftermath following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Beyond all these hateful, Slavic countries the only country the non-Slavic Hungary was always able to count on and vica versa is Poland - they are true friends of Hungary (we even shared a king at one point in history.) Most likely you won't see any idiotic comment from Poles here and vica versa, we don't post any retarded jokes about them either.
This latter fact alone clearly shows that despite such neighboring claims we have zero problem with Slavs or anyone else - in fact we don't even care about most of the lost territories by now because it's a lot easier to re-colonize them with economical power (it's not an accident smarter ones supported their EU membership: it's about free movement and cultural support for our diaspora!)
Ceausescu leveled THOUSANDS of tiny native Hungarian villages in Transylvania.
Slovakia's shameful Benes laws are still so much alive that BOTH OF THESE NEVER-EXISTED, BUILT-ON-STOLEN-LANDS countries (Czechs and Slovaks, LOL) still REFUSE to revoke the Benes decrees, even despite Hungary and Germany common diplomatic pressure - anti-Hungairan laws are in effect, ultra-right-wing nationalist parties are not only in their Parliament but IN THE GOVERNING COALITION, openly calling for a war on Hungary, sending tanks to Budapest (like if this 3-4M newborn country would stand a chance to attack anyone, ROFLMAO!)
Since the beginning of Yugoslavian War local Magyar (Hungarian) minorities are regularly attacked in Ujvidek (a.k.a. Novi Sad) for speaking their native language, even today...
by magna_hungarica February 18, 2009
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An infinitesimal and irrelevant country in Central Europe cursed by both an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a national inferiority complex that can be traced back to the fact that anything that it has ever achieved is due to either German immigrants or Jewish emigrants- most often based at top U.S. universities.
Boasting the one of the highest rates of heart disease, depression, cancer and suicide in the world, Hungarians are known for their uncanny ability to sabotage anything and alienate anyone they come into contact with. For Hungarians to do anything but lie, cheat and steal at every available opportunity is a badge of sophistication.

Nicknamed as the "country of no consequences" (to foreigners: "a country of no consequence"), Hungary's most outstanding achievement in the 20th century has been its remarkable ability to completely squander the economic and political lead it once had compared with other Central European countries after the fall of Communism. Slovakia now has higher per capita GDP and Romania will join the Eurozone before Hungary. Both of these would have been unthinkable ten years ago. Good thing the country is too insignificant for anyone else on Planet Earth to notice. Hungary's greatest impact on contemporary global culture has been its production of a disproportionately large number of porn stars- and the success of the Jews it ejected from the country. The contrast between the pulchritude of the women and the shabby and the sock and sandal wearing know-it-all men accounts for Hungarian womens' predilection to spawn with foreigners. Good thing the men are usually dead by 55...
by Lajos Kossuth March 13, 2008
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1. Noun; A country in eastern Europe - geographically located on a map in central Europe, but when one resides in the country, one is well aware of the fact that it is actually eastern Europe.

2. Noun; A country which would be nice to live in, if it weren't for the people.

3. Noun; A country famous for paprika, goulash, unfairly well figured women, ugly men, mafia, being atheist, turo rudi, fornetti, Tokaj & Eger wines, rude behavior, sluts, porn, tattooed eyebrows, cheap services, dumpster divers, the worst drivers in the world (yes, worse than Italians - by FAR!), sausages that look like grey snakes, and chauvinistic men
A: Woman! I'm an unemployed, fat, bowling ball headed're supposed to be cooking, cleaning, working to support us both and birthing children at the same time!
B: Yes, my lord. I know we are in Hungary, and this is the way women are supposed to be treated.

A: This paprika really brings out the flavor in this Goulash!
B: Yes, Goulash and paprika are both from Hungary. It's a law in Hungary to put paprika in every meal.

A: Why are you going to Hungary...are you hungry? Bahahhahah
B: You're a douche. Like I've never heard that one before...
by ThisMasquerade July 4, 2011
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