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(derived from the English words flatulate and infatuate)

n. The act of loving someone or something to such an extent that it causes one to pass gas.
Although Dani's inflatulation with Ellie and Davis overwhelmed herself with feelings of joy, everyone around her was overwhelmed by the gaseous smell.
by ga-ga-gorgeous July 19, 2010
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An appreciation for a good fart (aka flatulence).
John was inflatulated by Tom's explosive volume. His level of inflatulation was very high.
by 3episodesofLITB December 26, 2016
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Where the extent of gas passed from a single gasshole reaches beyond its comic standing. Passing gas too much it exceeds it's worth. Inflation of flatulence.
There's no explanation for the amount of gas that comes from my ass there's no rhyme or reason for that inflatulation.
by just trust me on this January 08, 2018
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Like the Tantric act of
Injaculation...when a man orgasms without blasting semen anywhere.. to retain his strength, Inflatulation is when you hold a fart inside so long that it goes back up while gaining momentum to wait for an even more innapropriate time to loudly blast its way out without any awareness to the Farter. Thus saving the Farters dignity..only temporarily till you are on a date or in church or a funeral ..anywhere that the sheer power and the noise accompanying the flatulence will be so disruptive and fowl smelling that there will be no question of who and where it came from. And not possible to blame it on a dog or scooting on a chair . Causing inflatulation anxiety
My cousin is goung thru Inflatulation anxiety. After that fart he was holding in got sucked bsck up his ass...Now he's worried that its going to come back around later tonight at the funeral home while giving his Uncle's eulogy..inflatulation anxiety
by Ann M Neesia June 04, 2018
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To be infatuated with someone until he or she passes gas
After my date at Chipotle, I realized my love for Stacy was simply an inflatulation
by TYtyeur March 17, 2016
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