An aromatic and bicyclic organic compound. It consists of a benzene ring bonded to the 2nd and 3rd carbon of pyrrole.
The amino acid tryptophan is an indole derivative and the precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin.
by PenisRoger July 11, 2019
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To be in line at a government job agency tocash a dole cheque.
I waited so long today a “Centrelink” indole
by Fishmann February 22, 2018
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Habitually lazy
Paul Ayvazian is Indolent
by Cimdolph May 5, 2003
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disinclined to exert oneself
by Anonymous November 5, 2003
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Being that advances without a purpose joy or pain.
lazy, Dispassionate
"I might be indolent as a senile prostate cancer. I'm lazy slow, but at the end I get the nut."
by nontheless August 11, 2018
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An indole from the hood. These indoles are associated with elevated reactivity, increased thermal decomposition, and enhanced reactivity at the 3 position. Some ghetto indoles aggregate into gangs, such as the "Crimson Peptides" and the "Cryptophans." This activity and the resulting reactions are sometimes implicated in the misfolding of proteins.
Hey Vinnie, did you see that L-tryptophan is gonna be on pimp my heterocycle? Dude that's awesome, that ghetto indole has come a long way from the hood, check out those spinning rings!
by Big Diggity April 15, 2015
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When one rewards themselves with an escape to their phone after completing a very minimal amount of work, with a minimal amount of effort.
Law of Indolence:
"Crikey, that was an intense page of reading. I have to read another 103 pages tonight, but I think I deserve to check what the homies are up to"
by monkeykaka April 21, 2020
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