An impersonal government bureaucracy which is designed to punish and humiliate the unemployed, disabled, single parents and students in exchange for a few paltry dollars assistance that is barely enough to keep them in food and shelter.
Mary's house burnt down in the recent Victorian bushfires and she had nothing except the purple bikini she was wearing, but Centrelink insisted she must supply 100 points of ID before she could get emergency assistance.
by zezebelle February 12, 2009
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Where lazy cunts get tax payers money for doing jack shit!

Reardo went to Centrelink to pick up his Centrelink cheque the fucking hobo
by Luke In Da Mouwf August 14, 2006
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Australian welfare offices which handle among other things dole payments, family benfit, student allowance, single parent allowence etc
I have to go to Centrelink to tell them I have been sacked
by sylvy September 27, 2006
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A chain store accommodating for the needs of those that have nothing better to do than to wait around for hours on end. Often however such individuals are rewarded with cash benifits directly proportional to their lazyness. Centrelink also is the largest employer or logisticly and intellectually challanged members of society, catering for the waiting needs of the afternoon regulars. So much so that customers often make a career out of regular visits. Centrelinks motto is "lets be as useless and unorganised as possible, and pick social minorities to disproportionly hand cash payouts"
I'm gonna buy some of my old mate Bundy and coke with all my centrelink doh.
by Will Hengineer February 17, 2011
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Centrelink is an Australian Government Department that hands out benefits / welfare / cash to lazy mofos. Therefore a Centrelink Buddy is a friend with benefits aka fuck buddy - A friendship with the added feature of "happy endings"
"Alright guys, I am heading off now, have a little romp planned with my "Centrelink Buddy"
by Jado987 May 15, 2010
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