The British spelling of the word "check." Please keep in mind that anyone from a former British territory may also spell "check" this way. That's how they learned to spell it. They like to spell it that way. It's really going to be okay. Just breeeathe in deeply and let go of your xenophobia on the breath out.
May I write you a cheque?
by DodonaFalcDakini May 13, 2010
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An extremely douchey way to spell "check."
Can I write you a cheque for that reach-around sir?
by c4c7u5 August 5, 2009
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n. Similar to a traditional cheque but differs in the fact that the cheque is guaranteed to bounce. Given out by chavs usually to Argos stores in exchange for cheap jewelry.
"So I heard that Argos lost £3000 through chavelers cheques last quarter"
by FlyHigh August 11, 2005
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A Glaswegian term: Describes a special glass bottle, containing Irn-Bru, or other similar soft drink, available in many cornershops in Scotland. The bottle is returnable and currently attracts a 25p refund when you give the bottle back to the shop. Called a cheque as they are often collected and cashed (like a cheque)by students and cheap bastards alike either to buy more Bru, or with enough bottles, some skag.
I'm gonnie cash these glass cheques and get some more Bru and a kebab.
by Dean Durrant August 18, 2006
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Cheques or Checks (American English) you receive as a birthday present.

Also, a play on words to the song: Birthday Sex by Jerimiah.
Grandma: Hey Grandson, what would you like for your birthday.

Grandson (To the tune of Birthday Sex): Birthday Cheques, Birthday Cheques.

Grandma: Oh ok. You're so musical!
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Sexual favours offered to tradesmen or others by housewives, in lieu of cash payment.
Yeah bro, I fixed her car and got paid by furry cheque. . .
by Ocker Kris July 7, 2005
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The week of the month that everyone on welfare and assistance get their cheque. Usually marked by an increase of shopping at both grocery and liquor stores in your neighbourhood, well mine at least.
“Wow the dispensary is busy today... must be cheque week. “
by Lowertownie February 3, 2018
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