The I gave the girl I came home with lastnight the battery.
by Sean February 23, 2003
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When a girl has sex with several men one after the other.
She got batteried six in a line,
I believe thats not a good sign.
by Katieeeeeeeeez September 1, 2007
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Jamaican slang for gang rape or gang bang.Does not refer to ass or buttocks.

See batty for ass/buttocks.
by Jamaican - S.W. October 8, 2003
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Magical metal bar that makes things happen, until it runs out of magic. Then it can be used to throw at annoying people, to prop up particularly wobbly chairs or be sold to the gullible.
Priscilla: My battery powered washing machine isnt working
Borris: The batteries must be running out. Lets throw them at Frank!
by Frank March 8, 2004
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Something used to boost energy by shoving up ones asshole
"I've been really tied recently."

"Try shoving a battery up your ass, that'll help."
by SiliCookie November 9, 2019
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most dramatic object other things stop working or they break, but batteries, they DIE. If you are a battery you're either working or you're dead.
Guy 1: Why aren't you listening to your walk man?
Guy 2: I can't my batteries died in my lap this morning.

by Jadykinzzz October 23, 2007
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When your battery is removed from any electronical device such as a cell phone, calculator, car, MP3 player, etc.
Must be followed by the phrase you just got batteried
"Why isn't my phone turning on"
"Boom you got batteried"
by Charizards November 1, 2011
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