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Just to clear things up for all those idiots out there who know shit about impeachment, TO IMPEACH A PRESIDENT IS NOT THE SAME AS PUTTING THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

To impeach the President or another federal official is to bring a formal charge of wrongdoing against the. The accused then goes to trial with the Senate acting as a court.

ACCORDING TO SECTION 4 OF ARTICLE II, NO PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES HAS EVER BEEN IMPEACHED. It is a common misconception and a very ignorant one at that. Both Clinton and Johnson were NOT impeached. It was not met to the full extent and by all rules on ANY accused president.

I honestly hope some of you learned something out there. It's scary to think about how clueless some people are about the National Government.
Even if George W. Bush were to be impeached, I highly doubt he will actually be put out of office.
by Zythum May 23, 2005
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to put someone or something in a giant peach
The man was not impeached because there were no more peaches, so he was imoranged.
by Big Del IV February 17, 2010
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Since you two dimwits have no clue what the true definition is, here:

tr.v. im·peached, im·peach·ing, im·peach·es

To make an accusation against.
To charge (a public official) with improper conduct in office before a proper tribunal.
To challenge the validity of; try to discredit
It is not to remove from office as the above tards stated.
by Pog Mi Hone November 06, 2003
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Although I question the legality of copying and pasting a definition directly from, it is nice to see that Pog Mi Hone did a little research into the legal definition of impeach. However, if Pog was to read a little further down, under 'Usage Note' it mentions that the popular use of the word impeach is to be "thrown out" (and last time I checked, the essence of was to 'define your world,' or basically, give the popular defintion of words used in society.)
Regardless of which definition you prefer, Bush should be impeached.
(Correction on AnyoneButBush'04's example... the website is, but both will take you to the same place.)
by michael_lasalle March 24, 2004
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To take a shit. derived from "Her Trump out of Office" to "get Dump out of Orifice." This has the bonus of not only calling trump a shit, but also suggesting what we should do with him.
"I need to impeach." Sanders says as he walks to the toilet.
by Moralltach February 20, 2018
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