A popular sentiment frequently seen on placards at protest marches all across the U.S., to skewer the power tripping authoritarian misogynists, Clarence and Virginia Thomas, after her post-Capital insurrection emails were exposed.
Once the “Impeach Ginni Thomas!” placards were being seen everywhere, the Republican power couple were most certainly on the road to be duly busted and imprisoned as the vile traitors they are, thanks to their grandiosity and uncontrollable racist and sexist fervor in the form of being diehard Trump devotees which finally gave it all away!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 5, 2022
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after the midterm elections of 2018 trump derangement syndrome literally devolved into trump impeachment syndrome among people like nancy pelosi, adam schiff and jerry nadler
by Sexydimma November 14, 2019
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When a massive protest (approx. 60% or population) is staged against a president, resulting in the promised resignation of said president

to be a true Egyptian Impeachment, the protest MUST be met with gratuitous violence from said presidents supporters


lets start up an old Egyptian Impeachment
by Captain Planet Jr February 3, 2011
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A type of sexual act where a guy gets a couple of peaches and shoves them up a girl's holes ready to fuck
Bruh I just bought peaches to impeach her.
Yeah she so sore ever since I impeached that bltch.
by Penguini the dik February 17, 2021
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English for enmelocotonamiento
Dude, such an impeachment, estoy enmelocotonao
by Cambridgeuniexpert January 13, 2021
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"The election was stolen." When he coached his lawyers to say this, they walked out on him.
Trump's first impeachment defense came down to the word "perfect", describing his actions and himself. The Republican senators, in unison, murmured 'perfect, innocent'. Probably being forced to serve as his own lawyer, Trump's impeachment defense II will consist of the word 'stolen'. Republican senators, themselves among the precise targets of his call for violence, may indeed murmur 'stolen, innocent', proving that mental illness, no less than Covid, is contagious.
by Monkey's Dad February 1, 2021
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