Delicious desert best served cold, like revenge. Only "45" calories, and comes with printed warning " could cause pain and sometimes death for rednecks and trumptards".
At the Red Hen restaurant:

Customer: "What's good for dessert?"

Waitress: " We have some scrumptious impeach cobbler"

Customer: " Awesome! Now that donnie is in prison, I just can't stop grinning."

Waitress: " True dat! I hope Invanka can make conjugal visits!"
by Littlehandsdonniedotard July 10, 2018
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Impeach the 45th President. When saying "his" name, causes tremendous acid reflux, causing you to throw up a little bit in your mouth, this is a plausible alternative. However, Impeach 45 is only a placebo, and will not remove that bad taste in your mouth. The cure lies in voting during midterm elections.
Impeach TRUM!@#$%... sorry, I character vomited a little. Impeach 45. That's better, but I still don't like the taste.
by superdada July 4, 2018
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Openly and blatantly defying the rule of law in full public view. By doing it openly and defiantly it will illogically seem legit.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives who is responsible for starting the impeachment process felt slighted when the President was increasingly "becoming self-impeachable"
by mlhiss May 8, 2019
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The act of dish washing. A smart-ass literal translation from the Hebrew phrase for "dish washing".
- Hey, dude, can you come and give me a hand?
- Just a moment, I'm impeaching tools.
by phlegmat April 15, 2010
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Extremely high odds that something will happen.
Think I can dunk on this toddler basketball hoop?
-Ya dude, I'd even give you Trump Impeachment Odds on that one!
by BBKingette February 21, 2017
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A bizzare new hairstyle pioneered by Senator Ted Cruz during the second Trump Impeachment trial. Its a “Trial out front with an Insurrection out back” look. At first it was thought that he either a) got up and left mid haircut or b) lost a bet. Either way, its part of the new normal.
How do you like my Impeachment mullet? I got it at “QAnon Clips
by Sonicbo0mz February 13, 2021
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What Putin’s Pawn, in a nearly psychotic state of frenzied ultra-victimhood, halfway believes and attempts to convince his “loyal base“ is true.
He began his incoherent middle-of-the-night twitterblasts with references, endless references, to the fake impeachment inquiry he grandiosely imagined he could magically tweet into existence.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 8, 2019
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