It has no meaning, due to the fact I don't give any
Paul: Hey man, I'm going to San Fransisco
Dylan: This is the amount of fucks I give *points to nothing*
by PairOfDucks February 22, 2015
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when things are to difficult and you just stop trying
fuck it lifes to hard i give up
by HELLO_HEY1223 May 8, 2019
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most commonly said phrase in the italian-american vocabulary
hmmm what to write here?, i give up.
by im fucked up. May 23, 2010
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The definition of I give brain is another phrase if sucking dick
I give brain :Sarah- so honey what should we do tonight in bed

Jim- maybe you could give me some brain
Sarah: unbuckled jims pants whipped out his cock and sucked it like a blow pop
by Lil d.e.x January 28, 2018
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Even though I don't want to give a fuck and should not give a fuck I love those fuckers and will ruin my life for them.
by GAFJEDD October 15, 2017
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