one of the coolest cities in the world. Located in California, its known as one of the biggest gay community places. it contains land marks such as golden gate Bridge and Alcatraz.
dude 1: hey i went to san fransisco the other day. i went to Alcatraz.
dude 2: you gay!!
dude1: shut up.
A person or action that is queer beyond words. The process of doing something that forces others to question your sexual preference.
Wow, that was very san fransisco of you.
You have been acting extremely san fransisco lately.
by Damien June 18, 2006
A giant dildo, roughly the size of a baseball bat.
Customer: "Do you have anything that will destroy me?"

Clerk: "Here - try the San Fransisco Giant."
by stefmart January 28, 2011
The act of straddling someone's penis with your testicals.
Garen watched in amusement as Adam gave Mike "San Fransisco Saddlebags"
by Mr.LargeDial II August 30, 2011
Knee pads. Usually worn by some candy ass sissy when sucking cock.
I see Adam has his San Fransisco slippers on.
He must be planning on sucking some cock tonight.
by hawke4me May 22, 2020
The act of getting your unassuming partner in the mood and then having a friend come into the room unannounced, bare ass naked, sportin' a raging boner and ready to shag as if it's just no big deal at all.
Daniel- "I've got something for ya baby. How about a little San Fransisco Surprise?"
Totally Hot Chick- "Fuck yes! I want it now Danny!"
Daniel- "All right love. Turn around and let me give it to you."

Daniel's friend, as he walks into the room unannounced, naked and sportin a throbbing hardon - "Oh, hey guys. Mind if I join?"
by DanK 79 February 3, 2010