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okay hear me out.
they shouldnt get bullied.
you were probably the same exact way with a supercar.
plus, what logical sense does comparing a 2022 lamborghini to a 1985 toyota have?
they like supras and skylines, so what?
they say they have 1000+ horsepower? dont fucking listen to them, its not that hard.
jdm fanboy amirite
by the cooler penguin27 January 3, 2022
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School is like the backrooms, every time you escape, a new level comes.
School starts out as something like a bunch of empty rooms, after that comes level 1, aka elementary, not much changes but its alright, then you get to level 2, aka Middle, this is where everything fucks up because now everything starts to drain your life, next is level 3, aka high, it is intense, the children resembling the hot pipes found in this level. after that is level 4, aka college. we dont talk about level 4 because of intensity reasons, after those levels of backrooms nonsense, it stops, now you are in debt, your life is pretty bleak and torturous. and now you are done with your 18 year tutorial.
by the cooler penguin27 September 21, 2020
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an ukrainian car company. similar to vaz.
you know how it goes.

zaz means Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant in this contexto
so what do they make?

from now
a rebadged chevrolet aveo (zaz vida cargo (t250))
a rebadged daewoo lanos (rip) (zaz lanos cargo)

from then
rebadged aveo (again)
rebadged daewoo lanos (joint venture between daewoo, again, rest in peace daewoo.)
zaz tavria hatch, pickup, and even a van
a rebadged chery a13 (zaz forza)
ZAZ Zaporozhets (car's name longer than the damn car itself!) (city car)
zaz-968 (fun fact: vladimir putin had one before, its technically a zaporozhets.)

and thats it.
zaz is not supposed to be like lambos and stuff, its more of a car for everyone.
ZAZ, aka Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant is a ukrainian car company, they keep the amazing lanos alive.

pretty neat.
by the cooler penguin27 November 24, 2021
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china motor corp.
aka company that rebadges mitsubishi.

from now
grand lancer

colt plus
eclipse cross (imported)
you like mitsubishi? you live in taiwan? then go get a cmc car
by the cooler penguin27 December 3, 2021
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