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okay hear me out.
they shouldnt get bullied.
you were probably the same exact way with a supercar.
plus, what logical sense does comparing a 2022 lamborghini to a 1985 toyota have?
they like supras and skylines, so what?
they say they have 1000+ horsepower? dont fucking listen to them, its not that hard.
jdm fanboy amirite
by the cooler penguin27 January 3, 2022
or you will tremble.
HMM, i think id rather tremble
internal angery
yeah! assemble or you will be dismembled
i have no limbs so u can do that.
assemble or....
by the cooler penguin27 April 21, 2020
a trapeze artist has diarrhea and shits on 23 people
chocolate rain.
by the cooler penguin27 February 15, 2022
back in 2016, it was a vine meme, it was funny for the time

nowadays its not the same (life switched lanes now these hoes are- oh wait wrong context)

anyway, nowadays its a meme where flight reacts laughs like a dolphin on lowquality one piece

idk ive never seen the show dont judge.
damn daniel, ar ar ar ar ar!
by the cooler penguin27 November 24, 2021
lil yachty said this and now its a meme, dont ask me why.
p1: i took the woooooock to poland
p2: what the fuck does that even mean?
by the cooler penguin27 October 9, 2022