William Afton said: “I always come back!”
Peepaw Willy said: “I always come back! Burn me how much ya want”
by CassBrooks March 20, 2022
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I rarely get enough (of anything!); I'm greedy; I'm insatiable.
Is parmesan expensive? I'm never given enough parmesan with my spaghetti when I eat out. It seems, I always want more parmesan!
by talk2me-JCH2 September 11, 2022
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Words yet to be uttered by the true master, but currently are shared with enjoyment between memers.

The ‘oh’ part shows the enthusiasm that will go into this phase, and ‘always’ shows it happens often.
Person 1: ‘Oh, I always get yummy demerits!
Person 2: Haha, nice one! I wonder when our true master will give in and utter them...
Person 1: agreed.
by .Mega October 19, 2019
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Quote from the movie Scarface.

It's a matter of perspectives, and that there's truth in the way of things. When you lie, you also tell the truth because that lie is real because the truth is real, the truth being false, would make the lie true.
You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.
by Bona27 February 27, 2010
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Unlike the term I before E except after C, or when sounding as A like in neighbor and weigh,

i before e... always refers to how chuck norris and/or those similar to chuck norris spell things.
by pseeudoonyym May 18, 2010
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What you playfully say to a cute chick when either another male chum of yours happens by or you bring said blinky-eyed damsel over and introduce her to him, and so you pass him one of da cutie's hands, feet, etc. so dat he can savor her warm softness, also.
Performing da "I always share with my buddy" routine is easy with any super-pleasant-to-touch/hold body-part dat da chick has two of, such as her hands, feet, boobs, butt-cheeks, etc. Plus of course, you and your pal can always "trade 'n' swap" da gal's sumptuous body-parts, as well, when the two of you are giving her a group-massage/caress --- for example, you can trade da hand dat he's holding for one of her pretty feet dat you're currently rubbing, or you can each knead and suckle one or the other of her ample chest-pillows in turn, so dat you both get equal time giving each of her nipples some lovies with your lips and tongues.
by QuacksO July 26, 2021
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Da humorously-pleasant phrase dat you smilingly tell a cute lady when you offer one of her delectable-to-handle body-parts (hands, arms, legs, feet, boobs, butt-cheeks, etc.) to a male companion who has accompanied you on your visit to said hot chick.
Performing da "I always share with my buddy" maneuver is a total "win-win" situation for everyone including da gal, since it means dat she will receive twice da soothing massages and/or loving touches dat she would have gotten if just you had been present to savor her warm softness.
by QuacksO August 7, 2021
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