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A favourite quote by many memers alike, and was originally stated by none other than The True Master himself. In a humorous joke regarding a supposed ‘World War 3’ (which can cause a lot of stress, you know), The True Master stated ‘Baldi’s Basics in War and Torture’. Since then, many memers quote this in a humorous fashion.

‘Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning’ was a game published on the 31st of March, 2018. The game was played by many YouTubers and began to get memed about. Even almost two years later, The True Master still enjoys meming on this game.
Person 1: All this talk around WWIII is kinda worrying me.
The True Master: What, Baldi’s Basics in War and Torture?
Person 1: *bursts out laughing* Brilliant!
by .Mega January 19, 2020
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This is a song originally sang by The True Master himself. The True Master was feeling very festive, so he sung this song. Memers alike joined in and sung together.

This is the first line of the song, a spin on the classic ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’, originally sung by Johnny Mathis. The word ‘Christmas’ is altered to ‘Cringmas’ in order to attempt to inject some humour, a loved classic move from The True Master. The True Master unfortunately only sung the first line of the song, and I, myself, continued with ‘everywhere I dab’, in which The True Master laughed at and began to sing himself.
During form, where there is small amounts of chatter.
Suddenly, The True Master pipes up.
“It’s beginning to look a lot, like, Cringmas!”
Memers alike begin to laugh.
by .Mega December 19, 2019
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Words yet to be uttered by the true master, but currently are shared with enjoyment between memers.

The ‘oh’ part shows the enthusiasm that will go into this phase, and ‘always’ shows it happens often.
Person 1: ‘Oh, I always get yummy demerits!
Person 2: Haha, nice one! I wonder when our true master will give in and utter them...
Person 1: agreed.
by .Mega October 19, 2019
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Once uttered by The True Master, and memed about since the original occurance. Jokingly, an individual pretended to start to press the computer command ‘Alt + F4’ on the laptop The True Master was using, leading to Him uttering this amazing phase.

‘Alt + F4’ as a computer command relates to the computer button ‘Alt’ being pressed, and then subsequently ‘F4’ after. This causes the current open window to close, and may close without progress or work being saved. The True Master did not want His window to close, so He had to utter this phase in a successful attempt to halt the action.
Person 1: *pretends to press ‘Alt + F4’*
The True Master: “Curse you and your Alt + F4!”
by .Mega February 24, 2020
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Three, simple words uttered by the true master recently. He is evolving and since he has now recently uttered ‘Oh, I always get yummy demerits!’ so therefore he has received more recognition and positive comments.
‘You too, bruh.’ was said semi-ironically, in a successful attempt to inject humour into a moment that had no laughter. We all respected the true master for his work, because if you are a memer why wouldn’t you use this quite often in daily life?
‘True master, we may need to be silent for a few moments.’
You too, bruh.’
‘Respect, bro!’
by .Mega November 18, 2019
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