A parmesan, otherwise knows as a parmo. Is a flattened piece of meat, whether it be chicken breast, pork, or in some cases beef; coated in a white starchy-like sauce; coated with cheese (often parmesan or chedder cheese) a 'parmo' or 'parmesan' is not to be mistaken with the disgusting parmesan cheese).

Sometimes there are variations, such as different cheeses, or the addition of bolognese on top of the aforementioned meats (along with the cheese). They are often sold as 'half' or 'full' depending on whether or not you want a whole chicken's worth of meat (usually a measure of two flattened chicken breasts).

This type of meal is a North Eastern dish, found in England and not limited to (but common in) Middlesbrough, but also found in neighbouring towns and cities alike and is favoured by many. The chance is great that you will not find it in central Newcastle or London.

It is often served with chips and/or salad with further toppings of; salad cream, garlic, chilli or barbeque sauce. Depending on your preference. The price can vary from as little as £4.00 up to £7.00
Person: "I would like a parmesan please my good man"
Takeaway Merchant: "Certainly sir, half or full?"
Person: "Half please, I can't manage a full one right now, chicken with three cheeses"
Takeaway Merchant: "Certainly sir, please take a seat."
Person: "Thank you kindly"
by StANTo January 3, 2006
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feet that have a really foul odour.
*sarah takes off her shoes and socks after going for a run*
aisah: EWW~ put away the parmesan !
by sarahmae September 15, 2007
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cheesy, corny, kind of makes you want to throw up a little
That Hilary Duff movie was total parmesan.
by Buttercup Bubblehead September 14, 2005
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A film, movie, song, or other form of media that is so cheesy and so low budget it’s considered unwatchable.
Did you see The Room last night?
It wasn’t cheesy. It was pure Parmesan.
by Justicewithtacosandweed August 9, 2018
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A slang or street term for cocaine.
How about we do a few lines of parmesan to liven up this party!

I just picked up an 8 ball of parmesan.
by Leeroy of the dmv January 13, 2009
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The sacrum. That is, the small indent above the ass crack. The parmesan holder gathers parmesan, which can be lint or other extraneous matter.
His parmesan holder was pack full of stinky parmesan.
by jmc December 8, 2003
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