A term used by the legendary wrestling group, the D-Generation-X, which is often used to imply that you want someone to put their mouth on your dick and suck it like a lollipop.
Hey everyone! We got two words for ya...

SUCK IT!!!!!
by ThePowersThatBe February 15, 2004
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some bad insult people use.
good response for it in the example
person A: "SUCK IT!!"
person B: "sorry, my mom told me not to put small things in my mouth *smirk*"
by reese loves ringo April 29, 2010
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Quick and simple explanation of one's choice of action?
by Dill April 28, 2003
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1-when you are trying to emphasize a point
2-a statement you say when you were right and someone else was wrong
person 1: "man, you're on a roll today"
person 2: "ohh, SUCK IT!"
by catherine... June 12, 2008
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the best term to use when ever possibe ;D
by urgh June 11, 2005
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~NOT an alternation for "fuck it"
~exactly the same as "suck on it" only shorter.
~it's a come back, or an expression
~probably the most addicting word you can use rite now.
you hear anything you don't like, just say "suck it" and the world's a better place.
**"so henderdoush was giving me shit the other day, and i just told him to suck it."
**"those girls are talking trash, they can suck it."
**"I didn't do my homework, and if she doesn't like it, she can suck it."
**someone says something totally stupid or something you just don't want to hear:
"Suck it."...
..."Suck it."
by myluve February 10, 2006
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= 'suck my dick'

Used as a bad insult, or a way to tell them to get stuffed.
Hey buddy can you lend me your car?
<point at your dick> Suck it!
by fgbak November 19, 2003
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