A Tokoroa, New Zealand synonym for the word 'so' as in that is 'so' cool.
It is pronounced with a strong emphasise on the 'o' and a carried 'w' so it should sound like "hOww' cool.
A new zealand accent also helps with this. it may be hard for foreigners
That's 'how' cool!

by Tripod-deesh NZ TOKOROA July 17, 2008
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"How's that is a phrase that is used to make an appeal to the umpire of whether the opposition player is out or not.
The English batsman blocked the ball from hitting the wickets by using his leg (Which is against the Leg Before Wicket rule), so the Australians appealed to the umpire "How's that???" to which the umpire would make a decision of "Out" or "Not Out".
by The Land of Smeg January 13, 2008
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How is Geordie/ North East of England Slang which comes from the word Hey! or Oy. Quite often paired with the slang word man which means 'God damn' or 'you'

Hey man .. making 'Hey you'

How is often used to tell someone to get off something or to tell someone to get away from somewhere.
How you get away from my car

in Geordie:-
How yee get away from me car
by Dave W May 14, 2004
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Wow how how how is when S2N Pickle Boyz dies in a video game due to bullshit and or/ means you died too a noob and you feel let down due to how good you're abilities are
"Hey S2N Pickle Boyz hows it goin on Modern warfare 3? "S2N Pickle Boyz-"Wow how how how, this BK randy candy just killed me, wow how how how"

reaper laughs alot and thinks xbox is funny so pickle boys lovees to play modern warfare 3 in his spare time which is usually a lot of times and s2n pickle boys loves xbox considering he has over 105k gamerscore now to point you all in the right direction you can send him a message on xbox live and tell him young gun xd sent you, i love you all and i can help you out just send me a message if i dont answer message laqqy lepreconm undead ciown ,, cpt crusher 93 we will all answer and we appreciate the love from you fans, and hopefully we can all play together sometime, but let me warn you and this is why im writing in caps, that if i die in a video game i might just have to fucking rage and say wow how how how how how how how how how how how how how wow. yeah i just did that, and you're still reading it, so get off me kid and get on my level or i wont ever put new words on here again, s2n s2n snnoon pickles lickles bickels dickeles kickesl fickles nickles pickles boyz loyz koyz doyz thanks for reading.
by Rand0m0m November 15, 2011
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To Troll And Write , or Just be a complete Brodie Howe " Howeing"
person 1: What is that guy doing?
person 2: He is Howeing
person 1: *not bad obama face*
by Brodie Howe January 1, 2012
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A HOW is a House of Worship; such as Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque.
by Lewis Skolnick June 3, 2010
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this grandma makes me say howe
by Zack Closs April 27, 2004
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