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Small city in Central Te-ika-e-maui, Aotearoa.
Well known for Coconuts, teenage mothers,murders and P meth
People in toke like to kill children and woman. i geuss thats a combo of poverty, P and loss of culture. all you have is your family.
"Hey cuz, i been burnin P all day, lets go kill that motherfucker who knoced up my sis,ay?"
"no way, you seen his cuzzies? they fuckin hard az bro,hardest muthafuckers in tokoroa"
by Rosco B fenz October 18, 2006
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Meduim sized town popn 85,000 in Central North Island, New Zealand.
Exactly the same as all other small towns, riddled with P, fraud, and various other criminal types. Farming and forestry are its main sources of income. There are few tourists except those who get lost. The town has a giant tyre on the road when you drive through and that really is all that stands out. There are too many pine trees and swandris around.

Note: Aotearoa is not the name of our country,New Zealand is. A small PC minority wish it to be so. Those who attempt to call it the supposed 'Maori' name disrespect the contributions of the latest wave of migrants in the last 150 years, because lets face it, apart from killing half the bird species and burning the Canterbury plains, the earlier immigrants (but not the earliest), the Maori didn't do a damn thing except wipe out earlier migrants. They played almost no part in developing the New Zealand of today. Those who call NZ Aotearoa wish to overthrow the rule of law and desire revolution and the descent of our fair land into third world, non-European governed status in retribution for the beneficence of colonialism.
The stinking Marxists and anti-Muldoonists who illegally stopped the Waikato vs South Africa rugby game were bashed by myself and Maori bros from Tokoroa . The brown-skinned boys from Tokoroa being good New Zealanders, and I, were telling the stinking stalinist white liberals to fuck off and stop interfering in our lives. I was young and I and 'Toke' were punching for intellectual freedom.
by mongrelnick November 15, 2007
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