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Only the coolest ewok ever.
Dude 1: "Who would win in a inter-galactic war? Chewbacca or Jar-Jar Binks?"

Dude 2: "Wicket, duh."
by OPP, Yeah You Know Me August 19, 2006
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A Philly Originated style of graffiti. Hand styles, slams, tags, etc.
"Yo my man busted a crazy wicket on Broad St."
by RIP HARDCORE KIDZ May 11, 2010
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A game between Hockey Canada Officials mainly Linesmen who try and see who can get the puck through their legs the most times with out interfering with the play as they are extremely board and have nothing better to do.
Paul: Hey Evan want to play Wickets

Evan: Yeah I bet you 2 dollars.
by Tyb March 04, 2012
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Something used in a game of cricket that you have to hit nwith a ball. Some people (JESSICA) think that wickets are infact a type of BIRD, this is not yet proved right or wrong.
Scott: I almost fell whilst throwing the ball but I managed to hit the wicket


Scott: That's part of the game...

Jess: So you get a cage of wickets and like set them free and try to hit them.

Scott: Wut teh fuh??
by Jessie and Chelpoz May 04, 2008
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Evil, or of dangarous nature, often linked to ICP, and other pychopathic records artist.
It's The Wicket The Wicket The Wicket Wicket Klownz, Blowin Smoke Rings With The Kottonmouth Kings, Comin' Throwin Faygo On Your Town, Breaking It Down, And All Types Of Things!
by WIcket Klown June 19, 2003
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