Hawaiian slang for How is it going?
Popularized in the Dog the Bounty Hunter TV show.
Hey, how's it bra. Have you seen this fugitive?
Thanks bra, aloha.
by dberto April 3, 2009
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A common random phrase heard on Space Cowboy online, usually from n00bs and newbs, asking for some kind of information which is normally either common sense or self-explanitory. To use this phrase properly, you must:

a) NEVER introduce yourself when you log on;
b) NEVER EVER RTFM or in-game SEARCHABLE FAQ or SCO website
c) NEVER EVER EVER have a good enough grasp of the english
language to ask the question properly or understand the
answer, and:
d) NEVER EVER EVER EVER type in anything but all caps.
jrandomn00b : HOW TO WALK!?
VeteranDude : your character is controlled by moving the
mouse and pressing and the left and right mouse buttons
Nerfherder4 : WTFLOL?!!!33forty-five
jrandomn00b : HOW TO TAKE OFF!?!?
VeteranDude : press the "take off" button at the bottom of your screen
Bystander66 : lmfao
jrandomn00b : HOW TO FLY!?!?!?
VeteranDude : i give up, man, i really do
Bystander66 : 'how to think for myself?'
Nerfherder4 : 'how to live?'
by Yarpsnesan November 17, 2006
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when something happens and a comment is made, the reply "oh, is that how it is?" founded by the clipston click
"im bouncing, in a bit boys,"
"oh, is that how it is?"
"obviously not"
by Tom Hayward and Mason November 19, 2004
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An extremely terrible british commander.
Howe is pronounced, how as in: How did this guy become the commander?
by SlendersOrTrolls July 18, 2021
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A phrase used repeatedly to deflate an infuriated or excited person. More effective the more realistically interested and naive of the answer the user sounds. It is commonly used in cases where guilt or the obvious wish to be ignored.

2: How's that?
2: How's that?
1: CRASHING DEATH AND FIRE ANnd terror and clouds and and...
2: Want a piece of cherry pie?
1: You drank all the milk you asshole!
2: How's that?
1: I saw you!
2: How's that?
1: With my eyes!
2: How's that?
1: Fucking optics! Or cornias or...or something...
2: Want some water?
by Pellion August 2, 2009
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An agreement with a fucking "A" attached to it
Person 1: "Man, that girl is a major bitch."

Person 2: "And how"
by shanedawg85 March 30, 2005
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