Relatively newcomers to an event, gathering, or industry.
Who are those punks over there?

They are the young guns.
by Fangster October 30, 2007
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In poker - Jacks. Kings are Cowboys, Jacks are "Young Guns" or just "Guns".
I got two pair; Young Guns and Cowboys.

My four Guns beat your flush.
by Catch63 July 21, 2006
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Only the best freaking movie in the history of the world and your mom
a lot of gunfights and deaths one of the best scenes is where that one guy gets shot in the face young guns is truly the best
by 77idiots March 26, 2008
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A hitman, especially a young and inexperienced one.
The young gun pulled out his gun to shoot the clerk, but the clerk drew quicker and blew the idiot's brains out.
by MalumLibrum958 July 26, 2022
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