When someone puts saran wrap over his face and has someone else take a shit on it. Usually done as part of fucking


a small unit with a heating element used for cooking food.
If you dont shut the fuck up Im gonna give you a hotplate
by Techno Destructo December 28, 2003
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When one of two sexual partners defecates on the bottom partner's chest or stomach and then proceeds to have intercourse with them. Works with any position relative to the missionary. (see glass-bottom boat for the inclusion of saran wrap and partner's mouth.)
The smell of my fresh hotplate wafted up into my face as i fucked her gently.
by ena May 22, 2004
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when u duct tape a peice of saran wrap over someone's mouth and take a shit on the saran wrap.
Kyle was being an idiot so while he slept I gave him a hotplate.
by Trevor Foss May 04, 2003
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Item of cookware plugged by George Plimpton on The Simpsons
George Plimpton - And a hotplate!
by Lugs-o January 25, 2005
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When someone tells you not to do something, and you know they're right, but you do it anyway to learn the lesson the hard way.

When you know the person your about to date is going to burn you or they are going to be more trouble than they are worth, but you do it anyway for the sex or the experience.

A person who you know you shouldn't have sex with or date because they have issues, but you can't help it, generally because they are hot, or your just that curious, or you like a challenge, or you have shit self esteem too.
Girl 1: Im going on a date with that guy form last night

Girl 2: But you can tell he has massive issues,

Girl 1: Yeah I know, but he's such a hotplate

Guy 1: My ex girl is super crazy, but she got that booty.
Guy 2: You KNOW she a hotplate.
by babymoose July 01, 2014
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Essentially the same as a cleveland steamer but with an added layer of protection: a layer of Saran wrap. It is the sexual act in which a person craps on another person's chest and sits down and rocks back and forth on the turd. Makes cleanup a breeze too.
After watching a special on dateline, Jane became so worried about std's that we had to sub-in a Louisiana Hotplate instead of the usual cleveland steamer
by Holloway11b June 22, 2010
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Akin to the "Cleveland Steamer" a Cincinnati Hotplate is when one person lays under a glass table while another person straddles the table and defecates on the table, giving the "receiver" the fecalphiliac thrill without the mess.

See also "Stallone"
"Sylvester Stallone was a big fan of the ol' Cincinnati Hotplate. He'd pay big bucks to have hookers drop a deuce on the table while he spanked one out to it. Sick!"
by 0110100101010010101 August 06, 2009
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