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pinch a loaf, take a dump, you know.
It's associated with "going number 2", because number 2 is "the deuce"
I just dropped a massive deuce in the urinal.
by Diego February 08, 2004
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To void feces from the bowels: to defecate, to "take a shit."

("deuce" comes from the commonly used "number 2")
by DJ Conan December 04, 2003
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To defecate . To relieve one's self by fecal expulsion from one's anus.

Origin: the frase could have been allocated to this meaning due to the assertion that the dump would be or feel like it was a two pounder. Hence the word 'deuce'. Or, the more commonly accepted origin of this frase is a response to a euphemism for taking a crap: 'going # 2'.
I can't wait to get home so I can Drop a Deuce !
by Ian Callahan January 04, 2006
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droping a deuce... another way of saying taking a dump

or.... the old fashoned way... taking a shit!
i gotta drop a deuce
shit man i cant find my deuce!
DEUCES ACES ONE EYED FACEs... all the wilds in poker
by IanK from NJ September 20, 2003
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1. The act of deficating.
2. The anticipation of deficating.
1. Sorry I was late, I had to drop a deuce.
2. My stomach is rumbing, I think I'm going to have to drop a deuce pretty soon.
by Andy January 29, 2003
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