When a layer of saran wrap is applied over a face before a hot coil of stool is laid on top of it.
"Tammy woke up with a hot plate."

"Shut up ho, or I give you a steaming hot plate."
by Kerry "MFC" Cotton May 11, 2010
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hu-ot pla`hate to produce a bowel movement upon another human being's chest, on top of saran wrap
Tim told Chris and Derrick that it would be cool to have Liz hot plate on him.
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
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The greatest invention ever.
If you watch The Simpsons, they mention hot plates. Hot plates ROCK!!
"...and a hot plate!"
by Pop-N-Fresh December 10, 2003
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When one is on all fours their is a dimple made in their lower back right above the ass. During the act of anal sex the man might choose to excrete his "load" onto this bodily location.
When Karl was almost in climax mode, he decided that he would like to serve it via hot plate.
by Stephen Fairley June 04, 2007
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When your wife thinks it's real funny to spread her butt cheeks apart and proceed to walk backwards into your friend, and presses her hot puckered asshole onto their leg.
Me: Bro! I'm so sorry my wife gave ya the hot plate last night!

Friend: it's cool, I just needed to wash up with a wet rag after she hotplated me.
by Preston waters March 25, 2018
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