The most beautiful girl in the world. She has a dark past, but you must look past it to the beautiful person she is. She thinks she is not much, but she is the best. Always boost her self confidence, because she deserves it. Once you find a Nikki, never let her go. She is a once in a lifetime chance that you should never pass up.
"Dude, I think I just found a Nikki."

"No way! Keep her dude,"
by I-like-your-socks December 8, 2014
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she is the best friend u could ever have. she will lie for u and always have your back.she is so funny. and u can alway count on her to make you happy.she will be there for u at rough times. she will always be my BSF forever
hey Nikki
by bxbbybella13 December 21, 2018
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Nikki is a girl with two personalitys one: is the best person and will always be there with you and two: might murder you in your sleep
Yo i found a Nikki

Wow she's good but sleep with one eye open
by Marie mackaravitz August 17, 2017
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Nikki is a kindhearted, brilliant, gregarious, sincere, and compassionate individual who wants nothing but the best for every single living thing in this world. She is exceptionally talented and dedicated in her academics and hobbies, and exudes quite a passion for life. She is buoyant and cheerful 90% of the time, but on occasions can show some worry and stress. No doubt when something gets her down, she looks up to God, family, and friends to help her in her troubles -- but Nikki is usually the one offering assistance to the people in her life. She is an inspiration to many and undeniably resembles a true Christian living for Christ.
Nikki is a wonderful companion.
by Meowy Meows May 8, 2017
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Quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, and most attractive girl you'll ever meet. Not only is she pretty and hot, but she has great intellectual insight and is all around a perfect person. No matter what she does, you could never get mad at her. When you see her pictures, her smile, her eyes, you feel not only turned on, but content. Content because you know that she is everything you could ask for.
"Have you met Nikki?"
"Yes, and I think I want to marry her."
"We all do."
by Chubypunker August 25, 2008
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Nikki is a sexy, hot, relly damn hot, nice & kinde girl with a hart of gold and lovely eyes. If you find a Nikki then keep her. She is the perfect girlfriend to love for rest of your life. She always think about others before her self. AND SHE IS A GOD DAMN ANGEL!!!!!
Dude I find a girl named Nikki she is everybody’s dream girl what do I do to get her??
Bruh if you find her keep her she is sexy af
by Trueeeeeeeee January 9, 2019
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Nikki's love to have fun, and many people enjoy their presence. However, they tend to have a lot of haters, due to their inviting charm and swag that some may envy. Nikki's are often very attractive but tend to think otherwise. In some cases, Nikki's may seem a bit shy on the outside, but once you get no know them you find that they're the complete opposite of shy. Don't provoke a Nikki too much because they do have a mean side and , if irritated enough, she will attack you( either verbally or physically).
Person 1 : "Wow that girl over there seems really nice, it's like, i want to be her friend and i don't even know her!''

Person 2 : " Yeah, i know what you mean. She HAS to be named Nikki."
by NikNakNike January 5, 2010
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