Ashleigh is a kind, sweet and protective over the people she cares about. Never be rude, mean or bully an Ashleigh, otherwise she will become your worst nightmare. If you find an Ashleigh with green eyes befriend her. They are loyal friends and will do anything g to keep you happy. Can be cold and emotionless at times, just need to show her some love and she will be happy again!
"Look there is Ashleigh, protecting her friends again"
"Hey Ash!"
by #TheAnimalLife June 13, 2019
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A girl who is beautiful, smart, and gives really good advice. She's usually very musically talented, and an amazing singer. Ashleigh's are often gingers. They are loving and caring and have very bubbly personalities. They can also be very random at times. If you ever have ANY kind of problem, find an Ashleigh. Ashleigh's are the most amazing people you will ever meet. If you are an Ashleigh, I envy you(:
Ashleigh is so pretty.

She is so smart. She must be an Ashleigh.

Ashleigh is so cool.

Ashleigh is an awesome singer.

Ashleigh is awesome
by im_that_girl13 February 10, 2013
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Ashleigh, are often cute and pretty girl. She's quiet around adults and people she doesn't know, but if you are lucky to get to know one, she'll trust you. Ashleighs are often red heads.

Ashleigh's are funny, reliable, caring and will keep any secret you trust them with. Most Ashleigh's are pet lovers. Ashleigh can be one of your closest friends but only if she trusts you. If you betray her, she will become your worst nightmare.

Ashleigh's give AWESOME advise and will help you get out of any serious situation if you need her.

When an Ashleigh falls in love, she's usually close with the person she likes. If the person is in a relationship, she'll suck it up and put on a smile. She'll only want you to be happy.
If you come across an Ashleigh, befriend her and gain her trust. Make sure you keep her in your life
Person 1: Weren't you just sad a while ago
Person 2: I was, but Ashleigh helped me through it. She's an awesome friend.
by Alw4y5inn0c3nt December 1, 2011
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Ashleigh is the best friend anyone could ever have. On the surface, she's the quiet and nerdy type. You could write her off as boring but it would be the biggest mistake of your life. She does not take bs from anyone and will call you out with no hesitation. If you are one of the select few that an Ashleigh chooses as her close friends, you should consider yourself lucky. She's the Mom Friend that keeps the fun going while also preventing anyone from making bad decisions. You can trust an Ashleigh with your life. She's endlessly supportive and full of love, beauty, and witty comebacks. Ashleigh is the type of friend you could barely talk to for months but will be right at your side the moment you need her. Everyone needs an Ashleigh in their lives. If you don't, you're missing out.
"Wow. None of us brought any water, food, or money on our 4-hour hiking trip. If only we had an Ashleigh, then this wouldn't even be a problem."

P1: "Who's that over there? Damn, she's cute but I'm absolutely terrified of her at the same time."

P2: "Yeah man, that's Ashleigh. She's got BDE for days but she's super chill... just don't be a moron."
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A fly, crazy, fresh, princess, ditzy, beautiful, gangster, barbie, diva, fun, irritating, badass, playertastic, indescribable; young lady who always looks her best.

not many can handle her.

someone who is talked about; on a regular basis. but doesnt give a fuckkk.

someone who knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.

She just floats with ease, and never struggles with anything she does.

She must always meet the expectations and live up to her rightful name of the awesomest person everyone knows.
"Damn, did you see Ashleigh today?" "Yeah bruh, shes lookin fine as always." :
by Ashleighhhhhhh November 17, 2017
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A Girl who is a good lover and a good looker with the right moves and loving heart and won't take shit from anyone and doesnt give a shit what other people say about her.
Dude: See that ashleigh chick? She hot isn't she?
Dude2: Yeah i see her and nawh she is

smexi not hot "SMEXI"
by Girl gone goth May 9, 2009
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